jSign Can Do… What? Yep, Automatically Fill Your Forms

Another business benefit from the most secure e-signing app

jSign has established itself as the industry’s most secure and intelligent electronic signature app — primarily due to our industry-first use of the blockchain to capture and record e-signatures that are both legally binding and impossible for signers to later refute.

(To discover why you should demand no less than blockchain technology for your digital signatures, read our free white paper.)

Does that other e-signature company — you know, the one whose name rhymes with MockUSign — also offer its customers a solution built on the highly distributed, hack-proof infrastructure of blockchain? No, and its CEO has even acknowledged publicly that it would be better if MockUSign did offer blockchain as the underlying technology for its app.

But jSign didn’t stop at becoming the most secure digital signature solution for businesses today. We’re constantly adding new functionality to help organizations like yours make the e-signing process more efficient and convenient for both your employees and clients.

Case in point: jSign’s automatic form-fill technology.

How jSign’s auto form-fill works

Using an API, jSign can easily connect into your company’s backend systems — for example, your CRM, ERP, your practice management application, or your EHR if you’re a healthcare organization.

Then, when it’s time to create a new form for a client or patient to digitally sign, you can pre-populate the form by automatically pulling data from the individual’s record in your system.

The auto-filled form will also, of course, contain jSign’s e-signature functionality, so your client can digitally sign it quickly and easily when they receive it — and your business can capture and securely store all relevant metadata proving the client did in fact sign it, intended to do so, and completed their e-signature at the time and date specified.

You can also apply the auto form-fill capability to your own document templates — so your team can create fields for commonly used forms once and then auto-populate the content for each new client or prospect.

How this can benefit your business

If your company’s success depends on signed contracts with clients (or patients), prospects, partners, and vendors, implementing the right digital signature solution can benefit your organization in several ways. Taking advantage of functionality like jSign’s auto form-fill feature, for example, can help you:

  • Improve the client experience

When clients receive your emailed form or contract — and you’ve made the process easier for them not only by enabling a one-click digital signature but also by pre-populating their data — that creates a better experience for your clients, a feeling you definitely want them to have as they sign on the dotted line.

  • Reduce errors on key documents

Auto-filling your forms can also help you keep your clients’ information up-to-date. If they find an error on the form or agreement you send them to sign — for example, an out-of-date phone number — your client can update the data right on the form. And when they returned the signed version, the system can automatically update the relevant database, saving your company from having to update these data points manually.

  • Save your staff time — and your company money

If your company frequently executes contracts and other documents that require client signatures, your staff might be spending a significant portion of their time manually filling out these documents before sending them out to be signed. jSign’s auto form-fill lets you eliminate these manual steps — and free your staff to devote more of their workday to more strategically valuable projects than filling out forms.

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