Now more than ever hospitals are looking for ways to control rising costs and improve financial stability while maintaining staff levels and providing the best patient care.

Enhance your interoperability without changing what you do today. We do all the work.

Each of our solutions can be considered standalone or bundled to solve a number of interoperability and workflowcommunication challenges.

Automation Frees

Communication gaps put patients at risk; an estimated 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication during patient transfers or hand-offs.

SST allows users of every level of experience to implement full-featured solutions to complex problems with a simple workflow process, and a proven automation environment complete with all the advanced tools necessary to build, test, and deploy workflows from a single desktop application.

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Advancing digital maturity and the evolution of interoperability, by unlocking essential data and delivering it securely when, where and how you need it.

  • Rely on us to deliver your interoperability roadmap with lower cost and better time savings
  • Let us take care of the maintanance
  • Expand system capabilities and access multiple endpoints

Real-time health event notifications let providers, care managers, and caregivers know when patients receive care, enabling better clinical decision-making and improved patient coordination.

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  • Real-time alerts about patient admission, discharge and transfer for providers and care teams
  • Coordinate care by sharing patient information and bridging gaps in patient history
  • Manages COVID-19 Patient Activity
  • Actionable data integrated into provider’s workflow improves decision-making
  • Employ industry-standards like structured data that can be consumed by EHRs