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The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

You don’t have to give up the best features for the best price. With jSign™ Digital Signature, security, quality and low-cost work hand-in-hand to offer clients the best value.

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The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

  • Employ industry-standards like structured data that can be consumed by EHRs
  • Cost effective and easy to implement – no IT resources needed
  • Keep doing what you do – no need to change your current workflows
  • Manages COVID-19 Patient Activity

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

“We are extremely pleased with the Consensus Conductor engine, and even more so with the relationship we’ve been able to build with the staff at Consensus. We looked at other vendors, but Consensus Conductor kept standing out as the leader in functionality as well as cost-effectiveness, and support provided. We now have a great integration foundation in place with Consensus’s engine, and we look forward to the continued success of this partnership.”

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The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

Now more than ever hospitals are looking for ways to control rising costs and improve financial stability while maintaining staff levels and providing the best patient care. Understanding the potential impact of implementing a powerful automation platform across health systems can significantly jump start an organization’s bottom line. This white paper provides an in-depth look at Robotic Process Automation, and its rapid growth across the health care industry.

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How Does Machine Learning Improve Clarity’s Data Extraction Processes?

With Clarity’s NLP for healthcare solution, providers can receive documents with automatically extracted information such as patient demographics and clinical details. For example, a provider can convert unstructured digital cloud fax documents into a C-CDA using Clarity NLP AI that can be easily consumed by an electronic health record (EHR). More data can bring better decision-making and also enable faster care.

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

Consensus Signal delivers real-time health event alert notifications, connecting providers and care teams wherever patients receive care.

Consensus has joined with the leading event alerting solution in the market. Our partner, Secure Exchange Solutions, provides a nationwide reach into EHRs and access to nationwide directory services to easily find the provider for each patient. This means we deliver notifications directly into the workflow of receiving providers EHRs without requiring costly interfaces. No need to upload lists of patients or even have an EHR, we can deliver readable alerts into existing email clients.

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The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

A hospital downtime, whether it’s the EHR or network failure, puts patient care at risk: a single incident can lead to negligence malpractice, legal costs, and a permanently tarnished reputation for a healthcare organization and its leaders.

However, implementing a downtime solution can be challenging. Manual workflows to process and distribute physical documents are costly, inefficient, and not secure, while designing a homegrown solution can burden an IT staff with unneeded complexity.

All Access for Downtime takes the fear out of hospital downtime and business continuity planning. Securely distribute clinical documents and forms from any source system, empowering staff with the confidence to maintain quality patient care during a planned EHR downtime, a network downtime, or even an organization-wide natural disaster.

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