eFax Corporate® is Now Available in the MatrixCare Marketplace.

A leading cloud fax vendor is available to all MatrixCare customers. 

Matrix Care customers worldwide can now easily access our enterprise-grade digital cloud fax technology (DCFT) right from the MatrixCare Marketplace. With access to eFax solutions, MatrixCare customers can securely send and receive faxes by email or through a web interface, from any internet-connected device.

Integrate the eFax app within your cloud environment to:

Increase stability

eFax cloud-based fax solution is specifically designed to send and receive fax efficiently as secure email attachments regardless of the underlying network technology. MatrixCare customers can reliably send a fax without having to worry if the receiver successfully received the entire fax and in the right order.

Boost productivity

With the eFax app, MatrixCare customers save time with a simple workflow – scan, enter phone number, press “send fax.” The eFax Enterprise API enables high-volume faxing directly to your MatrixCare applications, providing a unified faxing and billing environment that simplifies the fax administration process.

Enhance security & regulatory compliance

As a HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST CSF Certified® solution, eFax helps MatrixCare customers comply with industry-specific federal privacy regulations including GLBA, SOX, ISO, NIST, GDPR, HITECH and PCI – all while protecting the privacy of confidential records.

Eliminate on-site fax hardware

Integrating eFax’s DCFT with MatrixCare means your IT department will no longer have to manage the expenses and acquisition costs of server hardware, software, server license and other hardware equipment.

As an MatrixCare customer integrating eFax, you now join many of the world’s leading businesses, in the most heavily regulated industries, who use our trusted cloud fax solutions






eFax cloud fax technology brings numerous benefits to MatrixCare customers

  • Outbound documents are faxed directly to your customer. Unique transmission IDs are applied to outbound faxes for tracking and reporting.
  • Inbound faxes arrive at your fax number as a PDF or TIFF file where it is securely stored until downloaded to your application. The transmission metadata is added to your usage logs and is available online.
  • Your customer’s fax data resides in redundant Tier III/IV-rated, highly secure colocations and private data centers. Two-factor authentication adds a vital level of authentication to prevent unauthorized access to faxes and data.
“eFax’s Digital cloud fax technology is a way forward for MatrixCare customers to improve the digital transmission of information by eliminating paper, optimizing workflows and enhancing regulatory compliance.”
John Mannion
Vice President of Alliances & Strategic Partnerships, eFax Corporate

To access eFax Corporate on the Matrix Marketplace, click here.