Cloud Fax Solution

Capture new customers, increase revenue from existing customers, and boost your credibility by selling the most trusted name in digital cloud fax.

Who should Join our Partner Program?

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Service Providers

Many of the world’s leading communication service businesses —telecom carriers, telco service providers, cable companies—are enhancing the value of their offerings, and increasing their bottom line, with eFax’s cloud fax services.

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Marketplace Resellers

Top software reseller marketplaces have already added eFax’s cloud fax solutions to their portfolios. These marketplaces know cloud fax is expected to become a billion-dollar industry in the next few years, and they want to sell only the world’s #1 brand.

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SaaS Vendors

SaaS software companies—particularly those selling B2B apps for real estate, healthcare, legal, and other regulated industries—know that embedding enterprise-caliber cloud faxing can enhance their solution while attracting new customers.

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UCaaS and MSPs

UCaaS providers have discovered that a truly “unified” solution must also include fax—still a top form of business communication. MSPs have found adding cloud fax increases their value to customers. Both have found it lucrative to offer the world’s #1 brand.

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White Label Partners

Some technology providers want to offer cloud fax service but maintain their brand’s identity across all aspects of their solution. For these companies, eFax offers a white label option: our multimillion-dollar, proven cloud fax solution, under their brand’s name.

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Healthcare Solution Providers

Healthcare software companies, EMR providers, telehealth services, and health information exchanges are improving their solutions, adding value for customers, and creating new revenue with eFax’s HIPAA-compliant cloud fax solutions.