How It Works:
Connecting Providers for Improved Patient Care

See how easy it is to send and receive digital cloud faxes, engage in direct secure messaging with over a million addresses, and query for patient data from Carequality including those connected through CommonWell Health Alliance--all in one place.

Exchange data from a single inbox-like dashboard

Everything you see in My Intake is a message, including faxes, direct secure messages, CDA documents, and referrals. There are options to set up rules and filters, such as In Progress, Processed, Responded, and Deleted.

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screenshot depicting the processing of an incoming fax

an incoming fax

You can easily navigate through the pages of incoming faxes and assign them to the proper patient records.

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screenshot depicting the Processing of an incoming electronic direct message

Processing an incoming electronic direct secure message

The CDA explorer summarizes information from incoming structured documents for quick processing.

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screenshot depicting a patient query

a patient query

This is an on-demand search option that uses health data networks such as Carequality and CommonWell Health Alliance for the records you need.

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screenshot of requesting patient records

patient records

Make an electronic request to a hospital or provider, with search functionality. Customize and include consent forms as needed.

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release patient records

patient records

Send a record to a provider, with directory search. Include patients details and documents. View history of messages.

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National Provider Directory Lookup

National Provider
Directory Lookup

You have access to the National Provider Directory. Search by provider name, organization name, city, state, and ZIP code.

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API integration with your EHR

API integration
with your EHR

We integrate with many EHRs and that list is growing every day. This provides higher levels of integration and automation, with much more automatic population of patient data.

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