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ONE Interoperability Platform to Meet All Your Data Exchange Needs:
Throughout Your Entire Healthcare Community

The Consensus Conductor interface engine and complete interoperability platform provides seamless integration technology that supports all the latest standards for connectivity and data formats (API/FHIR, Web Service), addressing a wide range of interoperability challenges from the simple to the extremely complex.

Conductor incorporates all types of data and modalities to connect care teams – from hospitals and nursing facilities to labs, specialists, and home health facilities. Conductor can be fully integrated with other Consensus solutions like cloud faxing and eSignature. Take your interoperability capabilities even further by integrating with our natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools to convert unstructured documents to structured data. For instances where interfaces are too complex, our robotic process automation (RPA) platform can be utilized to streamline application connectivity.

Easily Connect Numerous Endpoints to Meet Your Data Exchange Needs


Take Your Interoperability Capabilities to the Next Level by Integrating Conductor with other Consensus Technology:

Backed by our powerful integration engine, the exchange and management of eFax Corporate documents can be automated, transformed, and processed in a variety of different ways: Direct, Secure FTP, Email, FHIR, or integrated into EHRs via APIs or HL7.

Apply the natural language processing and artificial intelligence from Consensus Clarity to convert unstructured data from faxes or digital PDFs, to structured, searchable data. Supports fax to FHIR, enabling hospitals to participate in the TEFCA framework.

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The development of automated workflows can provide application connectivity where traditional HL7 interfaces are not an option, or are too expensive. RPA integrations are quick to deploy and can achieve a near real-time data exchange between systems.

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Our Client Services team can help you leverage your software and workflow investments, acting as an extension of your IT staff for delivery, implementation, and ongoing consultative support to design the best strategies to meet the needs of your organization.

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Key Features and Functionality

ROI: Cost Savings

  • Eliminate time consuming or unreliable third-party workarounds in your existing system integrations.
  • Protect your organization from data security litigations with comprehensive auditing.
  • Cut back on purchasing and maintaining thick-client hardware for downtime preparedness.


  • Automatically encrypt all processed data to HIPAA standards.
  • Record who, when, why, and how data is viewed or printed via user audit logs.
  • Keep your staff vigilant with robust alerting options for monitoring every part of your system.


  • Grant staff audited access to real-time and historical patient data via web portal.
  • Automate the distribution of reports, blank forms, lists, instructions, and other custom clinical and non-clinical documents throughout your organization.
  • Leverage HL7 and CCD data to compliment patient information available during hospital downtime.
  • Instantly expand your solution to new departments and facilities by granting access to the web portal.
  • Synchronize portal data to dedicated workstations for usage during network downtime.


  • Conveniently access data via smart phones, tablets, and other tech in your organization’s BYOD policy.
  • Empower staff with user-friendly web views and search tools that streamline their workflow during the chaos of downtime.
  • Make report output data meaningful to department-specific staff using native PDF report reformatting tools.
  • Enter patient information in your EMR once the downtime has been lifted using the Offline Registration feature.
  • Collect data from your end users during a downtime by building and displaying custom forms.

Success Stories


“We appreciate the innovative features and functionality the Consensus interface engine offers. More importantly, Consensus provides quick, responsive customer service that truly sets them apart from their industry peers. We know our account representatives by name and receive detailed, helpful responses without delay.”

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“We are extremely pleased with the Consensus Conductor engine, and even more so with the relationship we’ve been able to build with the staff at Consensus. We looked at other vendors, but Consensus Conductor kept standing out as the leader in functionality as well as cost-effectiveness, and support provided. We now have a great integration foundation in place with Consensus’s engine, and we look forward to the continued success of this partnership.”

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How Prepared is Your Organization for a Downtime?

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All Access for Downtime Clinical Document Management

A reliable downtime plan is not only necessary for quality patient care, but also mandated for HIPAA and Meaningful Use. All Access for Downtime fully satisfies both the HIPAA Final Rule addressing system downtime and Meaningful Use Part Two Core Objective 7. With secure report encryption and distribution, and 100% access to patient information, you can be sure your downtime reporting needs are met in a safe, compliant fashion.


Advance Interoperability with Consensus Conductor & Clarity; NLP and AI Technology

In today’s healthcare environment, the need to quickly receive and process patient data is critical for making decisions and providing the best possible patient care. The manual review and input of unstructured data, like faxes and PDF’s, into a health system’s EHR hinders workflows and can lead to transcription errors associated with human interaction. To be truly connected, many healthcare organizations are turning to natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to accelerate communications and greatly improve interoperability.

By combining Consensus Conductor with Consensus Clarity, health systems can streamline communication and optimize resources across the continuum of care leading to better health outcomes.


Streamline Data Exchange Processes


ONC Certified Interface Engine


This Health IT Module is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Modules Tested: 170.315 (d)(1-3, 5-9, 12-13); (g)(4,5)

Costs and Limitations: There are no additional costs other than the initial purchase price.

Technical or Practical Limitations: There are also no contractual, technical or practical limitations in order to meet the certification requirements.

Consensus Conductor met the 2015 requirements for Modular Ambulatory EHR and Modular Inpatient EHR certification. For more information, go to

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The Key to Care Continuity – Improved Document Exchange and Clinical Notifications


Learn More About Consensus Harmony

A powerful, long-term foundation allowing you to further unlock the potential of supporting your bi-directional integration, and proactive communication initiatives.


The demands on healthcare IT departments to configure, test, and deliver HL7 interfaces, for sharing mission critical data across patient care, financial and population health analytics systems, continue to grow rapidly. As hospitals look to cost-effectively architect accurate, real-time interoperability between systems, Consensus Conductor delivers the technology to effectively leverage healthcare formats and messaging standards to meet immediate integration goals, while laying the foundation for future initiatives.


Patient care rarely begins and ends within the four walls of a hospital. As care coordination advances and reimbursement models evolve with a heightened focus on value and quality, organizations need to share patient data securely and seamlessly with stakeholders across the continuum of care. Consensus Conductor allows you to extend your integration outreach with improved coordination, communication and integration between hospitals, health systems, and physicians. By advancing quality of care, your organization will be more empowered to succeed financially in the new era of healthcare.