Coming soon! Clarity Prior Authorization and Clarity Clinical Documentation

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From payers to providers and post-acute care settings, there is one thing all healthcare organizations have in common: too much data is trapped in unstructured documents like paper faxes and PDFs, making interoperability the leading barrier to efficient data exchange and quality patient care. At Consensus, we understand it’s not just about “one-size-fits-all” solutions. We’re constantly looking for ways to address our customers’ unique needs and innovating our product line to solve individual challenges throughout the continuum of care. 

Last year, we launched Consensus Clarity, our natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) platform, which transforms digital unstructured patient information and clinical documents into structured, meaningful data. Clarity streamlines and improves a broad range of faxing workflows that healthcare professionals use daily. There are specific processes in healthcare prone to inefficiencies and bottlenecks that if not optimized, pose the most significant risk to health outcomes and an organization’s bottom line. 

So we asked ourselves, ‘How can we develop the most effective solutions for these specific business use cases?’ with the goal of providing a more economical and flexible portfolio for our customers…

We’re so excited to give you a sneak peek into two new iterations of our NLP and AI platform to enhance the highest priority workflows in healthcare!

Coming soon in Q3. Keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement!

Clarity Prior Authorization: Streamline the fax prior authorization process by automating data entry, including identifying and flagging any request marked as “Urgent” for faster processing.

Integrating Clarity PA into your workflow improves your prior authorization process with accurate information, allowing your utilization management team to focus on the highest priority members and not be slowed down by manual data entry.

Clarity Clinical Documentation: Enable incoming medical record faxes to be automatically routed and ingested into the corresponding patient record within the EHR.

Integrating Clarity CD into your workflow improves your medical records fax process by increasing accuracy, allowing your team to focus on the highest priority issues, and not be slowed down by manual data entry or missing/delayed records.

To learn more or to inquire about becoming an early adopter, email: [email protected]