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Leveling the playing field for post-acute care

While the long-awaited goal of interoperability seems to be advancing for EHR-equipped care providers, the idea of enabling health equity across the care spectrum seems untenable for post-acute care facilities without similar technological capabilities.  Early this year, the Office of National Coordinator approved the first six qualified health information network (QHIN) candidates to implement the […]

Healthcare News

Transforming Healthcare Interoperability With AI: Can Your Integration Engine Keep Up?

Across the country, healthcare leaders are ramping up IT investments, especially around interoperability. But they often forget that the most important technology an organization can possess to ensure interoperability is the right integration engine. Without a clear view of the functionality needed, hospitals will struggle to support advanced data-exchange goals. Despite tremendous progress toward healthcare information […]

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3 Ways to Leverage RPA for Greater Value

Despite assertions that healthcare is “burned out on talking about burnout,” the HIMSS 2023 presentations that have kept attendees talking long after the sessions ended included those that use automation to relieve workforce pressures. From ways to support smarter, more seamless discharge to remote check-ins with tonsillectomy patients, use cases for automation ramped up considerably during the pandemic. That’s […]

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Consensus Cloud Solutions Launches AI Technology to Address Healthcare Providers’ High Volumes of Unstructured Data

Advanced NLP AI Solution Frees Clinical Resources from Manually Processing Medical Records for Improved Efficiency and Better Health Outcomes LOS ANGELES, CA – August 10, 2023 – Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: CCSI), the largest provider of digital cloud fax and interoperability solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Clarity Clinical DocumentationTM (Clarity CDTM), […]

Healthcare News

Interoperability Can’t Have a “One-Size-Fits-All” Solution to Support Health Equity Goals

At HIMSS 2023, health equity couldn’t have been a more important focus for companies across every slice of the healthcare ecosystem. And with healthcare going through its own Industry 4.0 revolution with mass adoption of medtech, telehealth services, and cloud services, it’s becoming clearer that health equity needs to intersect with goals for technology interoperability […]

Healthcare News

Fax as an On-Ramp for Interoperability

The journey to achieve interoperability in healthcare has been too long and too expensive. To address this, companies have put effort into creating interoperability tools and platforms designed to make it easier to exchange data. To accelerate interoperability efforts, however, creating more technology may not the answer. Perhaps interoperability can gain more traction by putting […]

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