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Despite increasing attempts to facilitate interoperability through regulations, the challenges lie elsewhere in creating seamless data exchange among a patient’s physician, hospital, labs, pharmacy, and others along the continuum of care. In this paper, we’ll discuss the operational challenges a lack of interoperability is likely creating for your organization. Then we’ll introduce you to Consensus — a simple, easy-to-deploy interoperability solution.

What is Consensus?

Consensus provides easy interoperability, with streamlined workflows in an easy-to-use platform that keeps you connected through each patient’s continuum of care.

Do I need to have an EHR to use Consensus?

No, you do not need an EHR. All you need is a secure internet connection to a web browser and you can log into Consensus.

How secure is Consensus?

Consensus is HIPAA compliant.

Does Consensus support C-CDAs?

Consensus can send and received C-CDAs and even parse C-CDAs so that the data can be consumed by an EHR in discreet fields.

Does Consensus integrate separate connections to different document exchange networks?

No, Consensus does not do point-to-point connections. Consensus provides a way to normalize data into one UI in a common dashboard. Users will not have to worry about different networks or communication connections to share patients records. Users will just need the Consensus dashboard.

What is interoperability for Consensus?

As it relates to the conversation with Consensus, interoperability is the ability to automate the data sharing and the document handling process. If you have an EHR, Consensus aligns it back to the EHR and patient record sometimes not requiring a human to touch it.

How does Consensus request patient data?

You can send a direct message to an individual provider for referrals, lab results, discharge summaries or content on a specific patient. Users can also query CommonWell or Carequality for additional encounter information on specific patients.

Does Consensus have an MPI?

Consensus doesn’t have a proprietary Master Patient Indexing (MPI), but rather uses the the query forms necessary to find patient data that may exist in other systems and connects to Carequality and CommonWell.

What standards of interoperability does Consensus support?


Do you have an audit trail in Consensus for document received success?

Yes, Consensus can show you completed communication transaction, pending and not completed.

Billing FAQ

How do I make a payment on an invoice or update my Credit Card Information?

  • By Credit Card: Please fill out the attached Credit Card authorization form and fax to the number on the form. This form can also be used for updating credit card information also.
  • By ACH: Please refer the payment information on the bottom of your invoice.
  • By Check: Please refer to the remit to address on the top of your invoice

How do I get a copy of an invoice?

Email [email protected] . Please include your Corp Id /Customer Number, Company Name, and email address.

How do I get a copy of the Updated W9/W8?

Please email [email protected].  Please include your Corp Id /Customer Number, Company Name, and email address.

Why am I being charged tax if I am tax exempt?

Please email your tax exemption form to [email protected]  . Please include your Corp Id /Customer Number, Company Name, and email address.

How do I get a copy of your COI?

Please email [email protected]

How do I get a copy of your BAA?

Please email [email protected]

How are vendor forms completed?

Please email [email protected]

How do I change my payment method from Credit Card to net 30?

To facilitate the change from Credit Card billing to ACH payments, we require your company’s DUNS number to conduct a brief credit check before proceeding with the account switch. If you do not have a DUNS number, please fill out the attached trade references application and send it back to us. Please email [email protected]

How do I ask a billing question?

Please call 1-866-460-5592 for the US, +353-1-656-4900 for Europe, and +1-800-243-308 / +61 1300 668 115 for Australia

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