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J2 Global Offers Free Patient Record Query Through Consensus Interoperability Platform During COVID-19 Crisis

J2 Global, Inc. announced that it will offer healthcare providers free access to on-demand patient record query during the COVID-19 crisis through its recently introduced Consensus healthcare interoperability platform. On-demand record query is a valuable tool within Consensus that enables healthcare providers to access patient records needed for treatment through Carequality. […]

Healthcare News

New Healthcare Interoperability Solution Leverages Age-Old Technology

We may scoff at fax technology, but it remains one of the lowest-cost, lowest barrier ways to exchange patient records. Despite repeated attempts to axe-the-fax in healthcare, it continues to be relied upon by healthcare organizations. J2 Global’s Consensus interoperability solution leans into and leverages this age-old technology to help organizations more easily (and securely) send and receive […]

Healthcare News

Pandemic Underscores Need for National Interoperability

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the weak spots in the U.S. healthcare system. Besides the severe shortages of testing, gloves, gowns, masks, hospital beds and ventilators, it’s also revealed shortcomings in interoperability among providers. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released two rules in early March designed to make provider and patient […]

Healthcare News

Latest Happenings at J2 Global

J2 Global is a leading Internet information and services company that reaches over 180 million people per month across its brands. J2 Global’s cloud services and digital media brands enable people around the world to stay connected and informed, transforming the way they do business. This week’s Friday Five highlights what’s happening with J2 Global […]

Healthcare News

Four Technologies That Promote Secure Exchange of Health Data

Regardless of the exact wording of The CMS Interoperability and Patient Access final rule, it’s clear that healthcare executives will be spending considerable time this year thinking about, planning for, and implementing technologies that support healthcare data exchange. The truth is, even before HHS began providing guidelines for improved health information interoperability, hospitals and physician […]


Applications of Interoperability and Integration for a Post COVID World

In this video, Bevey Miner, Health IT Strategy/Chief Marketing Officer, J2 Global Cloud Services, shares her expertise on applications of interoperability & integration for a Post COVID World. Bevey Miner has over 20 years of experience in healthcare technology and digital health. Serving in senior and executive positions, she has been instrumental in leading strategy, […]

Media Announcement

Health IMPACT Live Summer Forum

We are proud to sponsor the Health IMPACT Live Summer Forum, a virtual event on how to rebuild a better, stronger, and more equitable healthcare system, taking place on July 22-24, 2020. And on Thursday July 23rd, from 1:25-1:55PM EDT, our very own Bevey Miner, Health IT Strategy/Chief Marketing Officer, J2 Global Cloud Services, will be […]