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Healthcare News

Healthcare News

4 Ways ADT Event Notifications Improve Payer Performance

As a result of CMS CoPs requirements and shared risk arrangements, admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) notifications are increasingly playing a more crucial role in coordinating care between providers and payers. Historically, four areas have posed problems for payers, beginning with the lack of timely information about a member’s admission, discharge, or transfer from a hospital […]

Healthcare News

Here’s How Consensus Plans to ‘Attack’ the Interoperability Opportunity as a New Public Company

In a recent article by Fierce Healthcare, John Nebergall and Scott Turicchi discuss how a company primarily known in the healthcare industry for its cloud fax business is aiming to tackle the broader interoperability market. J2 Global, a conglomerate of media and information services, recently announced plans to split into two businesses, spinning off its internet fax business as a […]

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