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Native Cloud-Based Faxing for Your Business

eFax Corporate, the world’s #1 leading, enterprise cloud fax solution, provides state-of-the-art, digital cloud fax technology for all businesses seeking a secure, low-cost, high-velocity alternative to paper-based faxing processes and outdated fax machines.

From small offices to enterprises with thousands of users across multiple industries, eFax Corporate digital fax platform enables: 

  • Streamlined exchange of business-critical documents
  • Elimination of costly, in-house fax networks
  • Anytime, anywhere document transmission and retrieval
  • Reliable faxing by email, mobile app or web portal with proof of receipt
  • HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST CSF® certified solutions
  • TLS security in transit and data encryption at rest

Our platform’s specialized tools, such as the eFax Router, help automate client business processes and workflow, delivering a strong return on investment, improving staff productivity, and promoting goals of interoperability for secure document exchange.


Enhanced Productivity

eFax Corporate is ideal for companies with high-volume faxing, remote staff, and mobile sales professionals. Employees receive faxes as email attachments anywhere Internet access is available.

Ease of Integration

eFax Corporate integrates natively with major desktop and enterprise applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft 365, SAP, and Gmail. Your employees can start using eFax Corporate right away with minimal training. In addition, eFax Enterprise API enables you to immediately start cloud faxing within your applications.

Reliable and Secure Fax Network

The eFax Corporate global network is protected by firewall, redundancy, and security technologies that ensure a 99.5% uptime, rapid delivery times, and unparalleled transmission security.

Redundancy of Critical Elements

Our redundant servers, connections, storage points, and transport network provide superior protection that ensures you will not have a single point of failure.

Largest Selection of Fax Numbers Worldwide

Local and toll-free fax numbers are available throughout our network, in more than 49 countries on six continents.


Enhanced Features

Many of our advanced features help users meet compliance and security regulations. We also offer specialized tools to improve specific workflows, such as eFax Messenger and eFax Sendit.

Cost-Effective Faxing

Our solution is an eco-friendly, paper-free, pay-for-usage alternative to analog fax machines and in-house fax servers; it requires no additional software, or dedicated IT resources.

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  • Telephone and online support 24/7/365
  • Detailed reporting (usage, user, job codes, client billing) in CSV format
  • User and Group account management
  • Domain name registration for ensuring only trusted faxes are allowed into the client’s network
eFax app interface view documents


  • Configurable storage retention policy, including lifetime storage
  • Multiple options for storage capacity
  • Search tool enablement for stored faxes via keywords and tags
Compliance and security interface group screenshot

Compliance, Security, and Certifications

  • HITRUST CSF® Certified
  • SOX, GLBA compliance
  • Meets TruSight requirements
  • PCI compliant (merchant)
  • SOC 2 Type 2 reports available annually
  • Full SAP Integration: Our SAP Connector is certified under SAP’s latest BC-SMTP requirements, making it easy for you to integrate eFax Corporate into your SAP environment


eFax Enterprise API

  • For rapid, high-volume faxing
  • Fax API: send, receive, list, delete, view
  • Admin API: manage and create users, view lists, and download usage reports

eFax Router

  • Build automation around received faxes
  • Save faxes into admin-designated folders
  • Print faxes to local or network printers
  • Execute templated commands using fax metadata parameters

eFax Messenger

  • Build automation around received faxes
  • Save faxes into admin-designated folders
  • Print faxes to local or network printers
  • Execute templated commands using fax metadata parameters

eFax Secure

This optional feature allows you to download faxes from a secure HTTPS portal with encrypted storage (AES-256) for complete security and compliance.

eFax Sendit

Add-on to the eFax Router tool, where users can compose and submit faxes to their installed eFax

Router for transmission

Supports multiple documents and destinations

Printer Driver

Send faxes by simply printing a document and selecting the eFax Corporate printer


eFax Corporate® is your trusted partner in secure and compliant electronic document exchange. When it comes to faxing your and your clients’ critical documents, you should trust only the world’s fax leader. For more than 25 years, that has been the same provider – eFax Corporate. Trusted by more heavily regulated organizations than any other cloud fax provider, eFax Corporate is also the choice for most of the Fortune 500 and thousands of other mid-sized to large businesses. Our cloud fax services are HITRUST CSF® Certified and meet TruSight requirements; it can also help your organization meet SOX and GLBA compliance requirements.

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