Your Easiest Path to Data Interoperability

Access and share all incoming and outgoing health data communicating seamlessly with patients, providers, and plans — from a single, user-friendly platform.

Streamlined Workflows for Clinical Faxes

Save up to 70% * of your staff’s time getting faxes and other unstructured patient records into your EHR, with features including:

  • Improved fax intake with advanced quality control tools to quickly and easily delete, reorder, or parse multiple pages by patient or document for improved filing.
  • Streamlined indexing to quickly get documents back to the appropriate chart, including EHR lookups for patient name, date of service selection, urgency status, etc.
  • Fast and easy file categorizing and renaming.
  • Integrated clinical workflows such as CMS50 to close out a referral/order with a return fax report.
* Study – Cision PRWeb, June 5, 2018

EHR Integration

Create the most efficient workflows for your staff by getting patient records easily into and out of each of your providers’ EHR systems. Through API and standards-based integrations, Consensus connects to most certified EHRs and is tightly integrated to many non-certified EHRs.

Improved Workflows via APIs

Extend the value of your Consensus account, by integrating the portal’s functionality into your own daily workflow applications.

National Provider Directory

Continue to communicate by fax through your Consensus platform when necessary — digitally, without paper or fax machine. But also leverage integrated access to the National Provider Directory, which has listings for nearly one million providers along with the best and most interoperable way to communicate with each. From Consensus, just look them up by name, find their preferred means of data exchange — and stop defaulting to communicating by fax.

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Secure and HIPAA Compliant

Keep your PHI secure and your organization’s operations on the right side of privacy regulations. As a HIPAA-compliant solution, Consensus is designed to ensure both that patient records travel securely in and out of your organization, and that this data is accessible only to other validated healthcare participants. Consensus’s many data security and compliance measures include:

  • ID proofing for all of the nearly two million providers in our network.
  • Full audit trails for every patient record sent or received through your Consensus account.
  • The most advanced data encryption protocols for your data both in-transit and while at rest in our certified-compliant data centers.

Care Settings for Paper-Based Providers

Streamline your operations even when dealing with providers, such as case managers, who are still using paper charts or settings instead of an EHR. Consensus helps you work at optimal efficiency with these providers, by enabling you to securely query and exchange patient records with them.

Connectivity Everywhere

Let Consensus do all of the heavy lifting to help your organization achieve digital interoperability. With your Consensus account, your staff will gain not just an improved fax experience but also access to other technologies and networks for exchanging patient records, including:

  • Consensus’ leading cloud fax platform
  • Direct Secure Messaging
  • Info-on-demand via Carequality and CommonWell Health Alliance
  • Regional and State HIEs
  • Referral networks

Unified Exchange Networks

Access all of your communication and data exchange tools through a single portal to improve your operations and your patients’ quality of care. Consensus lets you:

  • Easily receive and send patient records using one standard, unified workflow, regardless of the type of data being shared.
  • Exchange data with any provider, plan, or other entity in your patients’ continuum of care — regardless of whether they’re on the Consensus platform or even if they have an EHR.