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Clinical Documentation

Using Artificial Intelligence for Enhanced Medical Fax Workflows

Clarity Clinical Documentation

Simplifying and automating the clinical documentation fax process, With a customizable solution

  • Improve accuracy and efficiency when ingesting medical record faxes into the EHR
  • Improve clinical outcomes by dedicating more resources to patient care
  • Free clinical resources from tedious paperwork
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Clarity’s intelligent NLP data extraction solution transforms unstructured documents like digital scans and faxes into structured, actionable data. Clarity uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to unveil valuable, insightful information that can be sent to the right place, person, and time – to accelerate patient treatment across the continuum of care.

How it Works
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Benefits Of Clarity For NLP In Healthcare

  • Increase accuracy – Avoid human error by applying machine learning to digital unstructured fax or pdf document
  • Access critical information quickly, helping providers and other participants in the healthcare ecosystem
  • Reduce physician burnout and work overload by eliminating manual tasks
  • Improve efficiency and prioritization of clinical workflows for faster referrals
  • Improve patient satisfaction – get more from your records when they are historically complete and accurate; faster treatment means that patients spend less time waiting for care, which often leads to faster recovery and improved outcomes

Natural Language Processing (NLP) In Healthcare

Clinicians and administrators alike are looking for faster and easier ways to interpret simple unstructured documents and extract the vital information they need. Now that NLP healthcare technology can be applied to processes, automated healthcare data extraction is no longer a dream, but a reality, leading to actionable insights in a shorter amount of time.

Faster decisions lead to faster patient care, and when it comes to healthcare every minute could mean the difference between life and death. With Clarity’s NLP healthcare solution, patient information can be automatically ingested into a patient’s EHR to enable clinical treatment within hours. Without intelligent data extraction and machine learning, it may take weeks for the patient to receive care.

How Does Machine Learning Improve Clarity’s Data Extraction Process?

With Clarity’s NLP for healthcare solution, providers can receive documents with automatically extracted information such as patient demographics and clinical details. For example, a provider can convert unstructured digital cloud fax documents into a C-CDA using Clarity NLP and AI that can be easily consumed by an electronic health record (EHR). More data can bring better decision-making and also enable faster care.


  • Extracts structured medical content and demographic data from unstructured digital documents to help prioritize clinical workflows, resulting in faster care
  • Automatically applies data (patient IDs, demographic information, etc.) to the right fields in a digital form
  • Flags specific data points (in checkboxes and typed text) for actions, such as sending notifications to clinicians for immediate attention
  • Provides a confidence score for each field extracted
  • Learns continuously as it reads and processes, becoming more intelligent over time
  • Integrates with EHRs, enabling an EHR system to consume an inbound digital fax, parse the data, and populate the correct fields in the patient record
  • Integrates with eFax Corporate® cloud faxing for best results

Extract Vital Data Faster; Connect With Clinicians Sooner, Administer Care Earlier

Why Clarity For NLP In Healthcare?

Clarity includes the most advanced natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities available today and pairs with our cloud-based digital faxing solution, eFax Corporate®—the most widely used platform for transmitting ePHI by fax for more than 25 years.

Unlike other commercial offerings, Clarity supports context-based understanding—meaning it reads the entire document and applies machine-learned intelligence developed specifically for medical understanding.

Consensus Clarity transforms digital unstructured documents into useful and actionable data, improving and accelerating communications. Clarity’s NLP healthcare technology helps solve today’s toughest healthcare interoperability challenges. Clarity removes roadblocks and optimizes resources across the continuum of care.

Sample Data Flow:

Source Document

original scanned document

Consensus Clarity Output

Unstructured to structured document

consensus clarity output

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