eFax Can Do… What? Yep, Automatically Download and Distribute Your Faxes

Standard cloud faxing still requires some manual tasks

Assuming your organization uses fax to exchange documents that are critical to your operations — contracts, requests for quotes, purchase orders, patient records, etc. — your staff needs to monitor those fax numbers frequently and take quick action when a document comes in.

A business that’s slow to notice a vendor’s bid request sitting on its fax machine is likely to lose that job to a competitor whose fax number also received the same request.

This is just one of many reasons cloud faxing is the more efficient solution than relying on desktop fax machines: Monitoring your inbound faxes will be far less disruptive to your operations if your staff doesn’t need to keep running back and forth to the office fax machine — and instead can easily check for new faxes from their computers or smartphones.

But even with a standard cloud fax solution, handling these important inbound faxes still requires your employees to interrupt their other work many times every day so they can:

  • Manually check for inbound faxes.
  • Review new faxes to determine what next actions they require.
  • Forward faxes by email to the right teams, departments, or individuals.
  • Print faxes to shared network printers, when relevant.
  • Forward faxes to secure online folders, when relevant.

These manual steps both slow your business operations and create the risk of bottlenecks leading to lost opportunities. Remember, if your employees don’t see these new faxes right away so they can respond to them, that can cost your company business.

How eFax Router makes your fax workflows more efficient

This is why we created eFax Router — an intelligent fax-automation app that frees your staff from having to monitor your fax numbers throughout the day for important documents

eFax Router is a configurable Windows application that will auto-download your company’s inbound faxes — for as many of your business fax numbers as you choose — over a secure internet connection.

The application will check frequently to see if you have inbound faxes on any of the numbers you’ve instructed it to monitor, download any new faxes, and then perform one or more of the following tasks, according to your rules:

  1. Save faxes into admin-designated folders.
  2. Print faxes to network shared printers.
  3. Execute other actions you’ve established based on the sender, recipient, type of fax, or other parameters. Common examples include:
  • Execute other actions you’ve established based on the sender, recipient, type of fax, or other parameters. Common examples include:
  • Forwarding the fax by email to specific recipients.
  • Forwarding certain faxes to specific departments (HR, Legal, Accounting, etc.)
  • Filtering unwanted faxes so no employee has to waste a minute processing them.

A regulatory compliance bonus: You can also configure eFax Router to automatically delete certain faxes, distribute others (such as those containing sensitive client data) only to authorized employees’ direct inboxes, and to store faxes on the eFax secure cloud for the timeframes you need, based on either your business continuity strategy or your industry’s data retention laws.

Why add eFax Router to your eFax environment?

Complementing your cloud faxing environment with the intelligent eFax Router can add tangible value to your business. Here are a few examples.

  • Customize workflows

Because eFax Router lets you set (and easily adjust) flexible rules for various types of faxes, you can create the ideal workflows for each scenario. Send some faxes to a single authorized recipient, others to a common inbox (for a department, for example), and still others two a combination of network printers and secure online folders.

  • Save time

Because it automates the process of checking for new faxes and immediately taking the appropriate next actions on those faxes, according to the rules you’ve set, eFax Router eliminates the need for your employees to frequently interrupt their other work to monitor your fax numbers and review new faxes to decide where to distribute them.

  • Improve responsiveness

With eFax Router, you’ll be automating the process of getting important inbound faxes into the right hands across your company — to your sales reps, for example, so they can answer a request for bid, or to your executives, so they can and return a new contract. That will help your company become more responsive to clients, prospects, partners, vendors, and the other entities you do business with — and help you close more deals.

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