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This One Step Will Turbocharge Your Faxes’ Security and Compliance

You can’t secure the entire internet By partnering with eFax to transmit documents containing your clients’ or patients’ personally identifiable information, you’re already well ahead of your competitors in terms of data security and regulatory compliance. But what happens if the other party with whom your business needs to exchange sensitive documents doesn’t have eFax’s […]

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Consensus Conductor Can Do… What? Yep, Integrate All Your Communication Workflows in One Place

You don’t need to keep using a zillion data exchange tools If your healthcare organization is anything like the thousands that we’ve worked with over the years, your staff hasn’t been able to optimize or centralize their communication processes. That’s because the providers, payers, and other organizations that your practice needs to exchange data with […]

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Consensus Signal Can Do… What? Yep, Lower Your Costs for High-Need Members

ADT notifications represent a gold mine for payers A recent meta-study by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality summarizes the issue well: “Patients referred to as high-need, high-cost (HNHC) constitute a very small percentage of the patient population but account for a disproportionately high level of healthcare use and cost.” One often-cited statistic says […]

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