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eFax Can Do… What? Yep, Automatically Download and Distribute Your Faxes

Standard cloud faxing still requires some manual tasks Assuming your organization uses fax to exchange documents that are critical to your operations — contracts, requests for quotes, purchase orders, patient records, etc. — your staff needs to monitor those fax numbers frequently and take quick action when a document comes in. A business that’s slow […]

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Consensus Clarity Can Do… What? Yep, Use AI to Automate Your Fax Workflows

Wouldn’t an Alexa be great for handling your inbound faxes? Imagine that your medical practice had an Amazon Echo sitting beside your office fax machine and that it was capable of carrying out a command like this: “Alexa, whenever a fax comes in, please do the following: Sounds like a fantasy, right? If your organization […]

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Breaking Down Healthcare’s Hidden Data Silos: Expert Tips

In healthcare, the data silos you don’t know exist can hurt you. Earlier this month our team traveled to Nashville for ViVE, one of the nation’s largest healthcare tech conferences, and throughout the conference, there was a sense that data sharing is on the verge of acceleration. Micky Tripathi, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, […]

Healthcare Fax

3 Ways to Achieve ‘Backward Compatibility’ without Draining Health IT Resources

Backward compatibility—making a new system compatible with an existing operating system—rarely enters C-suite conversations in healthcare, but it should. That’s because even as healthcare executives expect to make deeper investments in system integration this year, achieving integration becomes faster and far less expensive when leaders explore solutions that help systems talk with each other. This […]

Healthcare Fax

Healthcare Organizations: Electronic Faxing Is Better with eFax and Unite

So, we’re all still faxing patient information. Amazing, isn’t it? Many years ago, CMS Administrator Seema Verma challenged the industry to make doctors’ offices a “fax free” zone by 2020. That didn’t happen. In late 2021, federal health official Steve Posnack told Bloomberg Law that at least 70% of healthcare organizations still use fax machines […]

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