Providers Can Retrieve Patient Records at No Charge During the Crisis

Providers can now use the Consensus interoperability platform's Patient Records Query through Carequality for free during the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling the entire healthcare community of first line responders to have secure access to important patient information.

Enhance your interoperability without changing what you do today.
We do all the work.

Fast-track your
digital interoperability

Easily connect with millions of providers, process health messages in direct messaging and fax, query for patient data and connect to other exchanges all from a single interface helping you move toward value based care.

How it Works

Streamline Workflows for Clinical Faxes

Improve intake of unstructured messages (such as a fax) with advanced quality control tools to quickly and easily delete, reorder, or parse multiple pages by patient or document for improved filing.

How it Works

Get Records Into Your EHR Rapidly

Structured messages such as Direct Messages and C-CDAs flow into your connected EHR quickly and efficiently. Leverage the CDA Explorer for special viewing of clinical data.

How it Works

Proactively Pull In Patient Health Data

Evolve your health data requests processes beyond outgoing paper-based faxes and phone calls. Instead, pull patient health data directly and immediately through a patient information query.

How it Works

What you get:


Automate and streamline data exchange to track and share care delivery for your patient population – and unleash your staff’s productivity.


Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your data-exchange platform was developed by the leader in secure, HITRUST CSF certified, digital faxing.


Fast tracks integration and access to patient information by linking data across complex health systems to reduce costs and provide better health outcomes.


One connection point provides greater data fidelity and enhanced longitudinal record allowing you to focus on delivering better patient care.

Data fluidity for your practice:

With Consensus, your team can stop wasting time and energy jumping in and out of different digital platforms and apps throughout the day to communicate with patients, providers, and plans.

Use our simple, inbox-like interface to manage your incoming and outgoing patient data: Direct secure messaging via the DirectTrust framework, patient information queries for providers live on Carequality, including those connected through CommonWell Health Alliance, data exchange networks like ACOs and HIEs, digital faxes, etc. Consensus gives you one central app to manage all of your patient information — giving your practice true data fluidity and digital interoperability.

Having a user-friendly workspace with the ability to manage patient health records for cloud faxing, direct message and record based query would help our organization expand standardly into varied health environments with confidence to support the workflow and uneven user needs and technical capabilities, Thalia Baker Thalia Baker Associate Vice President, Primary Care at UAB Medicine

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