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Improve EHR interoperability. A turnkey solution to automatically extract and route data from unstructured documents into your EHR system.

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Streamlined clinical documentation for speed and precision.

Clarity Clinical Documentation (Clarity CD) software seamlessly routes patient information in structured and unstructured documents, including text, handwritten notes, fax images, and PDF files, to the appropriate patient record in your electronic health record (EHR) system — eliminating cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone manual data entry.

The intelligent solution uses state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to extract patient data like demographic information and clinical details with precision, automatically populating the data into a structured Continuity of Care Document (CCD). The advanced system routes data to your EHR via Consensus’ Direct Secure Messaging feature to ensure seamless, accurate, and secure integration.

Clarity CD is designed for today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, where precision and speed are paramount. You can consolidate patient data from multiple sources for a holistic view of each patient’s history to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration across healthcare teams.

We simplify the clinical documentation process, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on what matters: Delivering coordinated care and improving patient outcomes.

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How Clarity CD works

The turnkey clinical documentation solution leverages intelligent NLP data extraction capabilities to transform unstructured documents like digital scans and faxes into structured, actionable data. Machine learning (ML) technologies automatically uncover valuable insights and send them to the right person at the right time to facilitate patient treatment across the care continuum.

The Power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) in Healthcare

Our NLP technology helps clinicians and administrators interpret and consolidate unstructured documents, extract vital information, and gain actionable insights quickly and accurately. Automation supports prompt decisions and patient care to optimize treatment outcomes in healthcare settings where every minute counts.

Clarity CD supports context-based understanding with advanced AI technology. The software reads an entire document and applies ML capabilities developed for medical understanding to interpret the information. It learns as it processes more information and becomes more intelligent over time. It also flags specific data points for actions, provides a confidence score for each field, and sends clinicians notifications for immediate attention.

Clinical Applications of NLP and ML
  • Shorten time to treatment
  • Optimize clinical workflows
  • Create CCDs from unstructured clinical documents
  • Support population health
  • Improve patient engagement
Administrative Applications of NLP and ML
  • Streamline pre-authorization
  • Improve referral management
  • Facilitate coding and claim processing
  • Automate document intake
  • Support public health initiatives
  • Facilitate quality reporting


Improve efficiency by more than 70% over manual data entry.
Clarity CD accurately extracts patient data from a broad range of documents and images, including low-resolution faxes and digital scans of handwritten notes, to streamline processes:

Increase Operational Cost Efficiency

  • Streamline workflows and leverage intelligent automation to increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • Automate manual and repetitive tasks to lower administrative workload and overhead.
  • Avoid human errors (e.g., misfiled records) that can lead to costly consequences.
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing systems to enhance processes without disruptions.
  • Support accurate medical coding to improve revenue cycle management and cash flow.

Boost Provider Performance

  • Maintain consistent, reliable, and accurate patient records to coordinate care.
  • Prioritize clinical workflows, support data-driven decision-making, and deliver faster care.
  • Facilitate collaboration among providers with easy access to complete patient data.
  • Allow providers to dedicate more time to patient care instead of document processing.
  • Increase Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) scores.
  • Lower physician workload and prevent burnout by reducing time-consuming paperwork.

Improve Patient Care Quality

  • Build a holistic view of each patient to recommend the best treatment options.
  • Reduce errors to enhance patient satisfaction and improve clinical outcomes.
  • Ensure consistency across the care continuum with improved disease management and patient education.
  • Make accurate decisions when triaging patients and ordering tests, imaging, or procedures.
  • Improve the efficiency of clinical workflows for faster referrals and shorter time to treatment.

Enhance Data Security and Compliance

  • Meet regulatory requirements by reducing errors and maintaining an audit trail.
  • Ensure data security and protect patient privacy with HIPAA-compliant workflows.
  • Minimize the risks of human errors and oversight that could lead to data breaches.
  • Reduce security risks associated with on-premise infrastructure with a trusted cloud platform.


Clarity CD adapts to different healthcare settings and helps organizations of all sizes increase productivity, improve patient care, and achieve operational excellence.

Industry Use Cases

Clarity CD facilitates inter-provider communication and enables evidence-based healthcare systems to automate decisions. It supports comprehensive documentation for legal records and patient registry functions to help public health agencies efficiently manage and research large patient populations.

The comprehensive clinical documents inform the creation of longitudinal patient records (LEPRs) to show healthcare information from all sources for an individual patient. Meanwhile, billing and coding staff can use these comprehensive records to facilitate claim submissions.

Here are the most common use cases for clinical documentation solutions in the industry:

Clarity CD streamlines patient admissions by automating and simplifying paperwork to increase operational efficiency and staff productivity while reducing costly errors. It enables effective care planning with a centralized platform to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration. Providers can share patient notes and records to ensure everyone on the team has a holistic view of each patient’s history.

Complete clinical documentation allows primary care physicians to monitor their patients throughout the care continuum. Clarity CD facilitates the documentation of preventive care measures and immunizations to support proactive patient health management. It also ensures a seamless and error-free process if a patient needs to transfer records from a different practice.

Clarity CD leverages Consensus’ robust cloud-based security features to support secure and confidential information sharing among authorized healthcare professionals. By eliminating manual processes, patient information is less likely to be leaked or stolen, which is critical for maintaining patient confidentiality in a mental healthcare setting.

Providers in specialty clinics can gain a complete view of a patient’s health condition to ensure their care plan doesn’t conflict with other treatments or medications. Moreover, Clarity CD supports effective case management for chronic conditions by providing detailed and comprehensive documentation. Specialists can gain a holistic view of a patient’s medical history to ensure care quality and continuity.

Patients often work with different specialists and facilities for physical and occupational therapies. These professionals must collaborate with multiple healthcare providers to ensure care continuity as a patient recovers. Clarity CD facilitates information sharing by streamlining the process of collating treatment notes and patient records to align therapy plans with individual needs.

Clarity CD facilitates research documentation by ensuring all patient data is available to researchers for a comprehensive view of each individual without risking patient privacy and confidentiality. It also supports clinical trial documentation to ensure compliance and data integrity.

Time is of the essence in emergencies. Clarity CD enables rapid and accurate documentation of patient information in urgent care scenarios to ensure timely and appropriate treatment — especially when transferring a patient to a different facility or specialist for further care.

These facilities can use a clinical documentation solution to build comprehensive and easily accessible resident profiles. The records may consolidate medical history, medication records, care plans, and notes from facility staff (e.g., preferences, behaviors, dietary restrictions) to ensure personalized and consistent care.

Clarity CD makes it easy to keep a patient’s EHR up to date with information from different healthcare providers. It allows in-home healthcare professionals to access the latest patient history remotely to ensure continuity of care outside traditional healthcare settings.

With Clarity CD, health insurance companies can facilitate efficient claim processing with a standardized system to ensure accurate documentation of patient encounters and treatments. Meanwhile, billing and coding specialists can leverage comprehensive patient records to reduce errors, save time, and get faster reimbursement.

Incorporating a new component into your healthcare tech stack can be complex. Every implementation is different and must be orchestrated to meet your unique requirements, fit into the existing infrastructure, and complement current workflows.

Our team is available to provide integration consultation and ensure our solution meets your needs. Request a meeting to see how Consensus and Clarity CD can help you streamline processes, increase cost-efficiency, and enhance security and compliance.

Healthcare and adjacent industries have become more competitive than ever. Organizations must use the latest technologies to automate workflows, reduce costs, and improve productivity without losing sight of data security and compliance requirements.

Manual data entry causes errors and delays that negatively impact care continuity, treatment outcomes, and patient experience. It may also affect claim processing, hurting your cash flow and financial health.

Clarity CD features the latest NLP and ML technology, supported by Consensus’ advanced cloud platform and eFax Corporate’s secure digital faxing solution, to help healthcare organizations process patient data accurately and efficiently across the care continuum. Request a demo to see how we can help you modernize the data intake process:

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