Secure, Compliant Cloud Fax in Educational Institutions

Protecting Sensitive Information for Students,
Parents & Staff

Illustration of cloud fax integration in educational institutions.

The Importance of Secure Cloud Faxing for Schools

Educational Institutions deal with a vast amount of sensitive student information, including academic records, health information, and personal details. Secure cloud faxing helps safeguard this data from unauthorized access, ensuring the privacy and safety of students’ personal information.

eFax Corporate offers a digital and streamlined way to send and receive documents while adhering to privacy regulations such as FERPA (Family Educational Right and Privacy Act) in the United States or similar laws in other countries.

Illustration of cloud fax in school setting.

The Move to
Cloud Fax

The need to streamline workflow and decrease expenses has caused more schools to move away from the inconveniences of traditional paper-based faxing. Aside from the excessive labor and cost associated with paper-based faxing, the key disadvantage is the inevitable lack of security when dealing with confidential information.

  • Eliminate the need for onsite fax machines, fax hardware or software
  • No need for your IT staff to continue managing and troubleshooting any onsite fax infrastructure
  • Your institutions can significantly reduce your overhead costs of traditional faxing – ink, paper, toner, and dedicated fax telephone lines
  • Eliminate long-distance phone charges you are incurring today for certain faxes

The Benefits of
Cloud Faxing

Secure cloud faxing is essential for schools to protect student data, comply with regulations, prevent data breaches, and enhance operational efficiency. By implementing secure cloud faxing solutions, schools can ensure the privacy and security of sensitive information while improving document management and communication processes.

Illustration of cloud fax security.


To keep your school secure and compliant, eFax Corporate with advanced security features, such as 256-bit encryption, can be highly beneficial for educational institutions to ensure the privacy and security of student information and other sensitive data.
Our HITRUST CSF Certified services can help educational institutions meet industry-specific compliance requirements such as HIPAA and FERPA.

Illustration of cloud fax cost reduction.

Cost Reduction

Cloud-based faxing is more cost-efficient for schools because documents are sent and received by email, eliminating the need for fax machines, paper, toner and maintenance costs. Also, eFax Corporate is scalable and offers flexible plans that allow institutions to scale up or down based on their faxing needs.

Illustration of cloud faxing integration.

Easy Integration

eFax Corporate integrates seamlessly with digital document management systems, email platforms, and other software used by educational institutions. This integration streamlines administrative processes, reduces manual tasks, and increases efficiency.

Illustration of cloud faxing from mobile device.


Empower your staff to securely send faxes from any location using their phone or tablet. The HIPAA Compliant eFax Corporate Mobile App for iOS and Android devices complies with privacy and security regulations ensuring that staff can send and receive sensitive student information securely.

Illustration of cloud fax security in school settings.

The Time to Upgrade is Now

The FCC is closing the door on traditional analog copper POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) after a 100-year run. The discontinuation of analog POTS reflects the broader trend of transitioning from traditional analog technologies to digital and internet-based communication. eFax Corporate boosts interoperability by leveraging the fact that everyone already has fax technology, as it remain one of the most widely used methods of exchanging private records world-wide.

  • eFax Corporate works seamlessly with a school’s current network operations
  • Staff can easily integrate online faxing with existing SAP applications or use our custom Fax API to integrate to EMR’s and other database systems

  • Schools can also integrate eFax Corporate to fax directly from multifunction printers and devices (MFP’s)

With eFax Corporate, educational institutions can utilize our cloud fax solutions to securely transmit sensitive information while complying with relevant regulations and maintaining the trust of students, parents, and staff.

Secure, compliant cloud faxing for all educational institutions.

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