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Step into the realm of HIPAA compliance, a critical domain safeguarding the confidentiality of healthcare information.

Here, we’ll define HIPAA and underscore its role in ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive health data for businesses. Discover curated solutions to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers. The power of HIPAA-compliant fax is at your fingertips.

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What isHIPAA Compliance?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law. Enacted in 1996, it protects the privacy and security of health information. HIPAA is an important law that plays a vital role in protecting patient privacy, promoting healthcare quality, reducing fraud and abuse, enhancing patient trust, and facilitating healthcare information exchange.

HIPAA applies to two types of entities: covered entities and business associates.

Covered Entities
Healthcare providers, health plans, and healthcare clearinghouses. Healthcare providers include doctors, hospitals, clinics, dentists, pharmacies, and other healthcare professionals. Health plans include health insurers, HMOs and PPOs. Healthcare clearinghouses are entities that process healthcare data for billing and claims purposes.

Business Associates
Individuals or organizations that perform certain services for covered entities (such as billing, claims processing, and data storage). Business associates must follow HIPAA’s privacy and security rules when they handle protected health information (PHI).

Any information that can be used to identify an individual and that is related to their health. This includes information such as name, address, social security number, medical history, and treatment plans.




Healthcare providers that intend to use online fax services are responsible for implementing appropriate security measures to protect their fax documents. eFax offers several solutions for HIPAA-compliant faxes: eFax Corporate and eFax Protect.

They contain increased security features that add an additional layer of protection to traditional fax transmissions.

eFax Corporate

This cloud-based faxing solution is designed for businesses of all sizes. It includes a number of features that make it HIPAA compliant, such as:

Encryption: All faxes are encrypted in transit and at rest using 256-bit AES encryption.

Audit logging: All fax activity is logged, so you can track who sent and received faxes, and when they were sent and received.

Access controls: You can control who can send and receive faxes, and you can also set up two-factor authentication.

eFax Protect

This cloud-based faxing solution is designed specifically for healthcare organizations. It includes all of the features of eFax Corporate, plus these features that make it especially HIPAA compliant:

Secure Mobile Faxing: Send and receive faxes from your mobile device using the eFax Protect mobile app. The app is encrypted and uses two-factor authentication.

EHR Integration: You can integrate eFax Protect with your EHR to send and receive faxes directly from your EHR system.

Dedicated Healthcare Organization Support: eFax Protect includes access to a dedicated team of support experts who are trained to help healthcare organizations with their HIPAA compliance needs.

BAA Agreements: The HIPAA Privacy Rule requires all Covered Entities to have a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with any Business Associate (BA) that may handle, process, access, or come in contact with PHI. Our BAA Agreements, if needed or requested, are just one more way eFax Protect earns the trust and continued business of our healthcare clients.

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jSign is an electronic signature solution that allows healthcare industries to maintain HIPAA compliance. jSign has a range of features that provide an ideal solution for healthcare providers, insurance companies, and other organizations that handle protected health information (PHI).

You can choose to add jSign on to any of Consensus Cloud Solutions’ products you already use, or you can sign up for jSign as a standalone product. jSign is designed to fit your existing workflow.

jSign comes standard with these features for enhanced HIPAA compliance:

ACT Compliance with Audit Trail: jSign meets the eSign ACT definition for electronic signing, meaning that each signature is legally binding. jSign provides an audit trail with timestamps of every step in the eSignature process, including IP, browser, device and location of each signer.

Signature Requests: With jSign, you can send signature requests for your sensitive documents. Recipients will receive a notification that they have a document to sign. This helps maintain the privacy of documents by only involving the necessary parties. You can track the entire signature process, get updates, and receive a certificate of completion when the document has been signed by all parties.

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Secure Electronic Signatures: jSign employs industry-standard cryptographic algorithms and digital certificates to ensure the authenticity and integrity of electronic signatures. This helps prevent unauthorized access and data breaches, safeguarding sensitive patient information.

Access Control and Two-Factor Authentication: By offering granular control over user permissions, jSign ensures only authorized individuals can access and sign your documents. jSign also offers two-factor authentication through mobile number and email for signing and accessing documents, which can help avoid unauthorized access to documents.

More Powerful Together

You can use both eFax and jSign as standalone solutions, but they are designed to maximize your efficiency and document protection when used together. Some of the benefits of combining an eFax solution with jSign:

Securely Transmitting and Signing PHI
eFax and jSign can be used together to securely transmit and sign PHI, providing a comprehensive solution for handling sensitive patient information.

Enhancing HIPAA Compliance
Utilizing eFax and jSign can enhance HIPAA compliance by ensuring that PHI is transmitted and stored safely, and that electronic signatures are tamper-proof and legally binding.

Streamlining Document Workflows
Combining eFax and jSign can streamline document workflows in healthcare organizations, reducing the time required for processing and approving documents.

Industry Use Cases

How can Consensus Cloud Solutions help your industry maintain HIPAA compliance when sending and receiving eFaxes, and electronically signing documents with sensitive information? We’ve put together these industry use cases, so you can get an idea of the ways eFax and jSign deliver the real value of interoperability while accelerating critical business decisions.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers face several challenges when it comes to data and their patient’s protected health information. Interoperability is one of those challenges; it’s critical for hospitals, doctor’s offices, dentists, and other healthcare providers to be able to safely share patient data among multiple computers and systems

If you’re a healthcare employee, you’ll often need to send faxes with patient information to and from other healthcare providers, insurance billing offices, and insurance claims processing offices. Due to the fast-paced nature of healthcare, it can be difficult to balance quality patient care and experience with quick paperwork turnaround and seamless interoperability.

eFax can streamline this process by allowing you to send and receive documents from your computer instead of using a bulky fax machine. Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve operational workflows using the world’s leading cloud fax technology and HIPAA-compliant electronic signature solution.

Because eFax integrates with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) software and provides real-time event notification, interoperability becomes just another part of your workflow.

That means taking many manual, repetitive steps to complete this workflow process, such as: filling out the PA paperwork and draft sheet, printing out the document, manually faxing the paper document to the insurer’s fax number, waiting for a confirmation receipt, and then filing the document securely.

All document processes necessary for paper faxing become automated and secured at every step during digital faxing. With solutions such as eFax Corporate, digital faxes are encrypted prior to sending, during transmission, and when the fax is received by the recipient.

Billing and Claims Processing

Though they’re not directly collecting protected health information themselves, business associates like insurance billing and claims processing offices also deal with sensitive faxes and must adhere to HIPAA compliance regulations.

If you work in an insurance billing office collecting patient paperwork from a general practitioner’s office, you’re going to need a way to send and receive faxed documents from the healthcare facility while keeping all the patient’s sensitive information protected. Rather than use a clunky physical fax machine, which you’ll have to stay right next to when sending and receiving important faxes, imagine you could send those documents right from your computer.

All faxes sent and received through eFax are encrypted in transit and at rest, ensuring that PHI is protected from unauthorized access. When it’s time to sign off on the claim and send it to the patient’s electronic portal, use jSign. With their industry-standard digital certificates, audit trails, two-factor authentication and role-based access control, eFax and jSign are two powerhouse products for maximizing your workflow while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

If you are a healthcare provider, business associate, or healthcare clearinghouse that needs to maintain HIPAA compliance when sending and receiving eFaxes or electronically signing documents with sensitive information, Consensus Cloud Solutions has a product for you.

Now that you know why eFax and jSign are a powerhouse combination for your healthcare or business associate industry, it’s time to start using the products!

You can request a free demo for a one-on-one demonstration of our solutions, or you can sign up for the free trial to begin using eFax right away.