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Secure, Cost-effective, Digital Faxing and eSignature Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

The Unique Challenges Facing Manufacturing Companies

All types of manufacturing organizations, from original equipment (OEM) and design; to electronics; discrete; auto; textile; chemical; and digital manufacturers, continue to rely on paper faxing to transmit documents containing highly sensitive contract, materials requirements, scheduling or design data – using outdated, paper-based faxing equipment.

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Optimize Data Workflow and Mitigate Risk

Manufacturers today must have the ability to securely exchange data with customers, partners, contractors and regulatory entities. Relying on paper-based faxing makes it nearly impossible for manufacturing companies to meet their essential responsibilities, including:

  • Receiving, signing, and responding quickly to important faxes, from any destination
  • Complying with regulations regarding customer, contractor and employee communications
  • Reviewing design, assembly or process changes and assessing their impact
  • Sharing scheduling documents that enable managers to easily and consistently track progress to ensure delivery schedules stay on track

Many forward-thinking manufacturing companies have chosen to upgrade from their legacy paper fax environments to our modern, digital cloud faxing solution and secure, digital signature tool in answer to these on-going challenges.

Boost Productivity

eFax Corporate enables your employees and partners to fax anywhere — and respond quickly via email from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Learn more about how manufacturers can streamline workflow processes and increase profits.

eFax and a National Manufacturing Company

Why Manufacturing Companies Prefer efax corporate logo

eFax Corporate® transforms your outdated paper fax processes, transmissions and fax servers to a faster, more convenient, and cost-effective alternative.

The first and only global fax solution truly built in the cloud. Cloud-native technology ensures that we can seamlessly and continuously upgrade our infrastructure’s security protocols to protect your company’s fax data, while providing storage capacity that exceeds your company’s needs, both now and in the future.

No couriers required. The “receipt” – is your secure, legal proof that your digital fax has reached its intended party.

Key Benefits of eFax Corporate

As the #1 leading solution for enterprise-caliber cloud fax technology and services for nearly 30 years, eFax® has become the trusted global fax partner for nearly half of the FORTUNE 500, due largely to our native cloud capabilities and the solution’s flexibility, security and availability across the world and across all industries.

  • Respond more quickly to customers, partners, distributors and third-party contractors
  • Lower your company’s overall faxing costs, including paper, ink and printing supplies
  • Increase data security – securely send any type of digital document without risk
  • Ensure compliance with key regulations and standards
  • Empower your employees to spend more time on core processes
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Safe, Efficient and Compliant

eFax Corporate’s secure digital fax solution employs the highest standards in securing and encrypting your data in transit and storage with TLS encryption, and also helps keep your faxing processes on the right side of state and federal regulators. Our cloud faxing solution helps improve compliance with regulatory standards and eliminates tedious, administrative tasks during processing.

Increase Efficiencies Across Multiple Processes WithjSign logo Digital Signature

Increase Productivity, Decrease Manual Paperwork

With jSign digital signature, your staff will benefit from faster transactions – from design to scheduling, assembly and distribution. Plus, jSign meets the security, regulatory, and legal requirements to process forms, contracts, policies, designs, change orders, manufacturing certificates and more in just one easy-to-use platform.

Streamline Document Workflows and Increase Your Bottom Line

Wet ink may be the traditional way of signing manufacturing documents, but electronic signatures offer a wide range of features and benefits that can’t be matched by traditional methods of signing. In most cases, pen-and-paper signatures can be replaced with a more efficient, less expensive electronic signature solution.

Illustration of group of professionals searching and moving documents.


Contract coordination and execution

Paper documents need to be passed along to every signatory in proper order, adding to the time it takes to get the contract signed. When using e-signature, multiple people can review and sign the document simultaneously, eliminating bottlenecks.

Authorization to expedite the purchase of a service

Instead of waiting on interoffice mail, email or a paper fax, you can quickly get the document signed electronically within minutes.

Overseas document coordination

Paper documents may need to travel thousands of miles; even when you’re paying high fees to expedite mailing, it results in a slower process. Electronic documents can be sent and signed almost instantly, even from across the world.

Other business benefits include:
  • Reduced costs due to elimination of paper
  • Improved accuracy with digital recordkeeping

  • Enhanced support for remote workflows
  • Fortified adherence to security & compliance standards and requirements

Learn more about the benefits of JSIGN :

Traditional signing vs. digital signature

Wet Ink Processing
  • Prone to error
  • Time-consuming
  • High costs
  • Not secure or compliant
Signing and Approving with jSign
  • Automated signing process
  • Flexible: Sign anywhere, anytime
  • Cost-effective
  • Secure: Blockchain encrypted; two-factor authentication

eSignatures Backed by Blockchain

Not all electronic signature services are created equal, and no one wants to question the integrity of their digitally-signed documents. With jSign, every action taken with a document is logged and timestamped using blockchain – the most secure database technology, which helps prevent fraud, false signatures, or other types of tampering.

Key JSIGN Benefits:

  • Sign in a variety of ways: enter a digital signature or capture a hand-written signature; select from predefined signatures; upload a signature image
  • Enable signing location restrictions to manage jurisdictions
  • Receive certificate of completion when documents are officially signed and view a full audit trail with timestamps to track documents
  • Set two-factor authentication through mobile number and email
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