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The Unique Challenges Facing Law Firms

The legal profession is among one of the regulated industries still dependent on faxing for mission-critical communications with courts, opposing counsel, insurance companies, and even clients. But unlike other fax-dependent professionals, attorneys often spend much of their time away from their offices — in depositions, in court, and on the road.

Privacy Laws

Data privacy laws such as GLBA, SOX, and HIPAA — not to mention the ABA’s Module Rule 1.6 (Confidentiality of Information) — demand that attorneys protect all communications containing clients’ personal data.

Manage Data and Mitigate Risk

Another key issue facing the legal profession today is the ability to securely exchange data to assess client risk while building legal strategy. Relying on a paper-based faxing infrastructure makes it nearly impossible for attorneys to meet their firms’ essential everyday responsibilities, including:

  • Receiving, signing, and responding quickly to important faxes, while out of the office
  • Complying with ABA and federal privacy rules regarding client communication
  • Reviewing regulatory developments and assessing their impact on clients and internal business practices
  • Sharing documents that enable employees to easily and consistently track federal and state laws and regulations across multiple jurisdictions

Many forward-thinking law firms have chosen to upgrade from their legacy paper fax environments to our modern, digital cloud faxing solution and secure, digital signature tool in answer to these on-going challenges.

Boost your Company’s Productivity

eFax Corporate enables your team to fax anywhere — and respond quickly via email from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Learn more about how eFax Corporate helped New York legal practice stay productive during Hurricane Sandy.

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40% of the top law firms use* eFax Corporate logo

eFax Corporate® transforms your outdated paper fax processes, transmissions and fax servers to a faster, more convenient, and cost-effective alternative in the cloud.

As the cloud fax solution most trusted by law firms and business alike, including nearly half of the FORTUNE 500, eFax Corporate can significantly improve your firm’s fax infrastructure.

No couriers required. The “receipt” – is your secure, legal proof that your digital fax has reached its intended party. It is also integrated with our digital signature solution, jSign.

cloud computing

Key Benefits:

  • Respond more quickly to clients, partners, vendors and legal entities
  • Lower your organization’s overall faxing costs, including paper, ink and printing supplies
  • Increase data security-securely send any type of digital document without risk
  • Empower your legal team to spend more time on billable legal projects and processes
  • With eFax Corporate your legal team will no longer have to wait by a fax machine for legal documents to arrive. Why waste time redialing a busy fax number, or queue up an outbound fax to be sent later.

Safe, Efficient, and Admissible in Court

eFax Corporate’s secure digital fax solution employs the highest standards in securing and encrypting your data in transit and storage with TLS encryption, and also helps keep your faxing processes on the right side of state and federal regulators. eFax® helps you improve compliance with bar association standards and eliminates tedious, fax-related tasks during eDiscovery.

Electronic Discovery – Why Lawyers are Searching for Answers

Recent amendments to the U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure affect the discovery of electronically stored information. How will this affect your firm’s faxing and other processes for electronic data transfer and storage?

Worry-Free Document Signing in the Cloud – With jSign logo

Esignature for law firms

The legal industry processes millions of documents every year. With jSign, Consensus’ reliable and secure digital signature solution, your firm can easily sign and process important documents, and it will help your practice meet regulatory requirements, enhance document workflows, and increase profits.

Wet ink may be the traditional way of signing legal documents, but electronic signatures are becoming much more prevalent as they offer a wide range of features and benefits that can’t be matched by traditional methods of signing.

Watch this short clip on jSign benefits
CTO Jeff Sullivan Talks About jSign: A HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST® Digital-Signature Solution

Traditional Signing vs. Digital Signature

Wet Ink Processing
  • Prone to error
  • Time-consuming
  • High costs
  • Not secure or compliant
Signing and Approving with jSign
  • Automated signing process
  • Flexible: Sign anywhere, anytime
  • Cost-effective
  • Secure: Blockchain encrypted; two-factor authentication

Electronic Signatures Backed by Blockchain

Not all electronic signature services are created equal, and no one wants to question the integrity of their digitally-signed documents. With jSign, every action taken with a document is logged and timestamped using blockchain – the most secure database technology, which helps prevent fraud, false signatures, or other types of tampering.

Key jSign Benefits:

  • Sign in a variety of ways: enter a digital signature or capture a hand-written signature; select from predefined signatures; upload a signature image
  • Enable signing location restrictions to manage jurisdictions
  • Receive certificate of completion when documents are officially signed and view a full audit trail with timestamps to track documents
  • Set two-factor authentication through mobile number and email

Footnote: *Information provided based on The Vault Law’s TOP 100 of 2023 national ranking of the most prestigious law firms based on the assessments of lawyers at peer firms. This year, more than 20,000 associates rated the reputations of firms other than their own. Vault’s 2023 Rankings are derived from Vault’s anual Associate Survey conducted from January 2021 to March 2022.