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The Role of Faxing in Government Agencies

State and local government agencies heavily rely on faxing as an essential component of their daily operations. The variety of documents ranges from authorizations and purchase orders to financial reports and tax information. Whether the purpose is internal use or communication with other businesses, the ability to efficiently and securely send and receive documentation remains imperative to the workflow of these organizations.

However, the common need to streamline workflow and decrease expenses has caused more agencies to move away from the inconveniences of traditional paper-based faxing. Aside from the excessive labor and cost associated with paper-based faxing, the key disadvantage is the inevitable lack of security when dealing with confidential information.

The Benefits of
Cloud Faxing

Securing online fax services for government documents requires a high level of attention to detail due to the sensitivity of the information being transmitted. eFax Corporate stands out as a long-term cloud fax solution that offers government agencies a way to implement a comprehensive and proactive security strategy. Other beneficial features of using cloud fax include automating processes for efficiency, lowering material costs, effective record keeping, mobility, and technology that seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows.

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To keep your agency secure and compliant, eFax Corporate provides advanced security measures, including AES 256-bit encryption, secure transmission, and compliance with industry standards ensuring that sensitive information is protected. Our HITRUST CSF Certified® services can help businesses meet industry-specific compliance requirements from HIPAA and HITECH to SOX, GLBA compliance and more.

Digital Storage

Cloud-based faxing can significantly enhance record keeping by providing an efficient and organized way to manage and store faxed documents, ultimately leading to improved productivity, better compliance, and streamlined document management processes for government agencies.

Illustration of cloud fax cost reduction.

Cost Reduction

Cloud-based faxing is more cost-efficient for government agencies because there are no software or hardware expenditures. Documents are sent and received by email, eliminating the need for fax machines, paper, toner and maintenance costs. All faxes are managed in a secure and paperless environment, offering minimal impact on in-house IT resources. Internet faxing with eFax Corporate gives your agency a streamlined faxing process and substantially lowers overall faxing costs.

Increase Accessiblity

Empower your staff to securely receive, edit, sign and send business faxes while they are working remote. The HIPAA Compliant eFax Corporate Mobile App for iOS and Android devices puts full fax functionality at your employees’ fingertips no matter where they are.

Illustration of cloud fax security in school settings.

The Upgrade from POTS

The FCC is closing the door on traditional analog copper POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) after a 100-year run. The discontinuation of analog POTS reflects the broader trend of transitioning from traditional analog technologies to digital and internet-based communication. eFax Corporate boosts interoperability by leveraging the fact that everyone already has fax technology, as it remains one of the most widely used methods of exchanging private records world-wide.

  • eFax Corporate works seamlessly with your government’s current network operations.
  • Clients can easily integrate online faxing with existing SAP applications or use our custom Fax API to integrate to EMRs and other database systems.
  • Agencies can also integrate eFax Corporate to fax directly from multifunction printers and devices (MFPs).

Secure, compliant cloud faxing for all state & local government agencies.

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