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Efficiency remains a core focus for modern businesses, and at Consensus, we grasp the essence of operational optimization.
Our electronic signature solutions are meticulously designed to enhance your document signing process.

In today’s dynamic business environment, the need for swift and secure document signing has never been more pronounced. Acknowledging the intricate demands of contemporary enterprises, Consensus leads the way in transforming document workflows with our tailored electronic signature solutions. We recognize that in a time-sensitive world, the efficiency and security of your document processes are critical to your success.

Step into the future with our cutting-edge technology. We harness the latest innovations to deliver an eSignature experience that combines efficiency with pioneering technological advancements.

In industries with stringent regulations, compliance is not just a requirement; it’s imperative. Rest assured, our eSignature solutions go beyond meeting regulatory standards like HIPAA; they exceed them, providing you with absolute peace of mind.

Bid farewell to the era of time-consuming manual processes that not only drain your time but also hinder productivity. Empower yourself to leave behind the inefficiencies of traditional paperwork and embrace a digital transformation that is not only cost-effective but also user-friendly.

We go beyond offering a mere solution; we provide a spectrum of options tailored to suit your unique needs. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a financial expert, or an insurance provider, our suite of eSignature solutions is crafted to seamlessly integrate into the specific workflows of your industry.


Welcome to a new era of document handling where your experience is at the forefront. With our electronic signature solutions powered through jSign, you unlock a myriad of benefits tailored to elevate your document workflows – You’re not just adopting electronic signature solutions; you’re embracing a transformative approach to document handling.

Sign Remotely from Any Location

Experience the freedom to sign documents from the comfort of your chosen location, empowering you to be productive wherever you are. Eliminate the constraints of physical presence in the document signing process.

Send Securely with Blockchain Technology

Your security is paramount. Consensus ensures the highest level
of document integrity by employing blockchain technology.
Enjoy peace of mind as your documents are safely transmitted,
signed and stored with the robustness of blockchain.

Scale as You Grow; Pay Only for What You Need

Needs evolve. Our electronic signature solutions scale
seamlessly as your business expands. The beauty lies in
flexibility – pay only for the features and capacity that align
with your current requirements.

Save Time with New Auto Form Fill Feature

Efficiency meets innovation. Our new auto form fill feature
accelerates the document completion process. Say goodbye
to repetitive data entry; let our software automatically fill in the
forms for you, saving valuable time.

Reduce Costs with Leading Technology

Experience the benefits of best-of-breed solutions that not only
meet but exceed industry standards, all while keeping your costs
in check.

Integrate Easily into Your Workflows with APIs

Seamless integration is the key to enhancing your workflows.
Consensus offers robust APIs that effortlessly integrate into
your existing systems. Achieve a harmonious workflow by
connecting our electronic signature solutions with your
preferred applications.

Tailored eSignature Solutions

We recognize that every business is unique. We offer tailored
cost-efficiency solutions that align precisely with your specific
operational needs. Your cost savings are personalized to fit your
business considerations.Experience efficiency, security and
sustainability seamlessly integrated into your workflows.
Your journey to streamlined, safe and cost-effective document
workflows starts here.


Explore real-world examples of how organizations have transformed their document management with electronic signature solutions. From accelerated approval processes to enhanced collaboration, our case studies showcase the tangible benefits experienced by businesses like yours.

Consensus is at the forefront of revolutionizing document signing experiences, offering a comprehensive suite of electronic signature solutions meticulously designed to meet the distinctive demands of a wide array of industries.

Offering versatility, adaptability and a commitment to industry-specific needs, Consensus contributes to reshaping the document signing landscape for organizations across healthcare, finance, legal, insurance, manufacturing, real estate, education and government sectors.

With jSign and Consensus, you can simultaneously reduce waiting times, cut costs, protect patient data, streamline communications, improve efficiency and process claims quickly.

In the healthcare landscape, precision and compliance are paramount. Consensus electronic signatures seamlessly integrate into healthcare workflows, ensuring safe and compliant document signing for patient consent forms, medical records and other critical documents.

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Add automation to your signing processes while enhancing workflows with flexibility and convenience. Take advantage of blockchain stamping and audit trails for an adequate and cost-effective signing solution.

The financial sector demands efficiency and stringent regulatory compliance. Consensus provides electronic signature solutions that act as catalysts for streamlined financial transactions. The platform seamlessly integrates into financial workflows, providing a safe and auditable trail for all document signing processes.

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Ensure compliance when you sign, organize and track legal documents protected by blockchain. Maximize efficiency as you save time and money.

In the legal realm, where precision and accuracy are non-negotiable, Consensus electronic signatures offer a reliable and compliant platform for legal document signing. This contributes to the overall efficiency of legal processes.

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Get signatures more quickly and on any device, and reduce overhead costs as you trace and keep track of insurance documents. Choose an eco-friendly solution.

The insurance industry deals with intricate policies and agreements. Consensus electronic signature solutions are designed to be more than just a digital signing tool; they are a comprehensive platform addressing the specific challenges of the insurance sector, from policy issuance to claims processing.

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Automate and save time to reduce the time it takes to get your products to market. Gain agility and flexibility as you reduce costs and comply with manufacturing regulations.

Consensus understands the document signing needs within the manufacturing industry. The electronic signature solutions enhance operational efficiency and compliance, contributing to smoother processes within manufacturing workflows.

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Take advantage of reliable document management as you save on supplies and automate document signing. Close more real estate transactions quickly and with ease.

Transforming real estate transactions, Consensus electronic signatures offer a safe and streamlined platform for signing essential documents. Whether it’s contracts, agreements or property records, the platform adapts to the unique needs of real estate processes.

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Speed up the signing process for financial aid paperwork, faculty and staff documents and student records or enrollment files. Get more done faster and more efficiently.

In the education sector, Consensus electronic signature solutions play a crucial role in administrative processes. The platform provides a protected environment for signing documents related to student admissions, academic records and institutional agreements.

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Protect the safety and confidentiality of your government records while signing needed documents with ease. Integrate seamlessly with current systems for convenience.

Adhering to the stringent security and compliance requirements of the government sector, Consensus electronic signatures provide a reliable platform for safe and auditable document signing within governmental workflows, which ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information.

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Electronic Signature Solutions

Consensus takes document handling to new heights with its electronic signature solutions, presenting a range of benefits crafted to enhance your unique workflows:

Enjoy the freedom to sign documents from any location to foster productivity without limitations.

Embrace top-tier security through blockchain technology to offer a sense of security in the confidential transmission, signing and storage of your documents.

Effortlessly adapt your usage to your business growth to pay only for the features you need.

Revel in genuine price transparency with Consensus to ensure no unexpected fees and empower you to make well-informed decisions and effectively manage your budget.

Trim down time spent with the inventive auto form fill feature to simplify the signing process.

Cut costs with state-of-the-art technology that surpasses industry standards while remaining budget-friendly.

Seamlessly incorporate Consensus into your existing workflows using robust APIs to assure a seamless connection with your preferred applications.

Lastly, prioritize user satisfaction with Consensus’ instinctive interfaces and user-friendly features, crafting a streamlined and enjoyable electronic signature journey.

Get Enterprise eSignatures at the Lowest Price

Ready to experience the efficiency of eSignature solutions? Take the next steps towards a future where document signing is swift, safe and stress-free.

Our electronic signature solutions are not just a product; they are a testament to our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that redefine industries.

Embrace a future where efficiency and security go hand in hand.

Unlock the power of precise medical communication and streamlined clinical documentation