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The trusted global source for the transformation, enhancement and secure exchange of digital information.

Unlock Valuable, Actionable Data to Improve Quality of Care

Transform unstructured documents to structured data with research-validated NLP and AI tools. Unveil valuable, insightful information that helps patients receive the care they need to lead healthier lives

Enhance financial document workflow and translate savings into customer benefits.

Access critical, secure banking data when and where you need it.

High Volume Data Exchange & Secure e-Signing for Manufacturers

Manufacturers of all sizes use Consensus Cloud Solutions to accelerate transactional processes and keep projects on schedule and under budget.

Data-Exchange Solutions Making it Easy to Meet Customer’s Needs

Life Insurance companies operate to serve three basic purposes: financial protection, peace of mind and building wealth for customers. Consensus Cloud Solutions offer services that help meet those goals, while decreasing manual labor and accelerating contractual processes.

Advancing digital maturity and the evolution of interoperability, by unlocking essential data and delivering it securely when, where and how you need it.

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HIPAA Compliant Digital
Cloud Faxing

The only fax service that guides you to better forms of electronic and interoperable exchange

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Direct Secure

Send and receive any patient information over a trusted healthcare network with over a million addresses.

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Information Query

Electronically query records and retrieve patient information on demand from Carequality including those connected through the CommonWell Health Alliance.

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Data Exchange

Connectivity access to referral networks, ACOs and HIEs across the nation.

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Real-time Health
Event Notifications

Actionable data integrated into provider’s workflow without costly interfaces.

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HIPAA Compliant

Effortlessly sign, send, track, and manage the entire e-signature process.

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Natural Language
Processing / AI

Go from unstructured documents to actionable, analytics-ready structured data that can be sent to the right person at the right time.

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Access numerous endpoints, securely and simply with one API connectivity and avoid developing one-offs to disparate healthcare systems.

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Recent News

2023 MUSE Inspire Conference

Celebrating 40 years of networking! You’ll find education focused on today’s most pressing MEDITECH topics, the newest products and services in the exhibit hall and unparalleled networking opportunities around every turn. Imagine a room filled with your peers and experts in your field just waiting to speak with you and share their stories. MUSE strives […]

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Consensus Cares: The DEI Council and the #DoGoodChallenge

The Consensus DEI Council have been busy of late—they’ve been organizing the first #DoGoodChallenge. This is a global volunteer initiative focusing on supporting six special causes, and employees are enthusiastically accepting the Challenge. Led by Marketers, Marc Sobul and Mimi Chaib, they put their thinking caps on to seek out ways to create an event […]

History of Healthcare Technology Regulations: What You Need to Know

Healthcare is one of the most highly regulated industries in this country, and rightly so, since people’s lives are the focus of healthcare. Over the past couple of decades, healthcare technology has taken center stage, to help providers ensure they are delivering the best level of care. Let’s look back at how healthcare technology became […]

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Our Solutions

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Improve care coordination with real-time health event alert notifications

Delivers real-time ADT event alert notifications, connecting providers, and care teams wherever patients receive care.

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your digital interoperability

Provides easy interoperability, with streamlined workflows in an easy to use platform that keeps you connected through each patient’s continuum of care.

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Secure Cloud Faxing Relied on by Organizations of All Sizes

Enables a secure, cost-effective alternative to in-house fax hardware that boosts productivity and enhances regulatory compliance.

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One Integrated API
for Healthcare

Access numerous endpoints, securely and simply with one API connectivity and avoid developing one-offs to disparate healthcare systems.

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Unlock Valuable,
Actionable Data.

Go from unstructured to structured data with our NLP and AI tools, unveiling valuable information that can be sent to the right place, right person, and at the right time

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The easiest way to electronically sign documents online.

Effortlessly sign, send, track, and manage the entire e-signature process.

Having a user-friendly workspace with the ability to manage patient health records for cloud faxing, direct message and record based query would help our organization expand standardly into varied health environments with confidence to support the workflow and uneven user needs and technical capabilities, Thalia Baker Associate Vice President, Primary Care at UAB Medicine
Fax is still the most prevalent way dialysis clinics send referrals to transplant centers. By embedding eFax right into our web-based referral app, we’ve made it easier for these clinics to take that all-important first step to a cloud solution that will improve their workflows and patient outcomes. Rich Mutell Founder and CEO, Apex Health Innovations
... in recent years, the regulatory and admin side of medicine has gotten much more complicated. With all of these new mandates and paperwork requirements, we wouldn’t be able to run our facility efficiently without tech like cloud fax. Dr. Emmett Berg Healthline Medical Group
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