Do Not Call List

The transmission of unsolicited fax advertisements is regulated in the United States under the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act and is also regulated under the laws of a number of other countries, states and provinces. Distribution of unsolicited fax advertisements through Consensus products is prohibited. Consensus merely provides a service for the customer to use to transmit and receive faxes. Consensus does not create, review, or approve any of the content within fax transmissions.

If you are receiving unsolicited faxes or unwanted attempted fax transmissions, you should first try to reach out to the originator of the fax to inform them you do not wish to receive further fax transmissions. If you are unsuccessful in stopping the unwanted transmissions, and you believe the unwanted transmissions are coming from a Consensus customer, you may sign up for the Consensus Do Not Call List by filling out the information form.

Please note that once you are on the Consensus Do Not Call List, you will not receive faxes from any Consensus customer. Consensus provides fax services to many Fortune 500 companies and healthcare organizations. Authorizing us to block your number will result in the inability of any Consensus customer to deliver fax transmissions to your number, including faxes you are expecting or want to receive. Additionally, signing up for the Consensus Do Not Call List will not stop the unwanted transmissions if the transmissions are not coming from a Consensus customer.

To complete your request to be added to our Do Not Call List, you must first fill out this form and confirm your email address.

We will send you a quick verification email that contains a simple clickable link. Just click the link to verify your email

Once verified, we will process your Do Not Call request within 5 business days.