Consensus Cares: The DEI Council and the #DoGoodChallenge

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The Consensus DEI Council have been busy of late—they’ve been organizing the first #DoGoodChallenge. This is a global volunteer initiative focusing on supporting six special causes, and employees are enthusiastically accepting the Challenge. Led by Marketers, Marc Sobul and Mimi Chaib, they put their thinking caps on to seek out ways to create an event that would unite employees internally, to enable them to meet and work with colleagues. That, perhaps, they wouldn’t normally work—with, in different locations, and different job functions, and different departments. Something which could foster a sense of community amongst employees internally. Whilst also addressing the needs of different organizations and causes externally. Thus, helping Consensus employees feel good and do-good by volunteering to support some truly great causes. 

The DEI Council and the Consensus Cares policy

So, what’s the DEI council? Marc Sobul, a member of the DEI Council describes it as a: “varied group of folks representing different regions, different departments’. One of their objectives is to: “ensure there’s representation across a variety of employees, across the organization, and recognize diversity, equity and inclusion. Making sure that everybody’s feeling included in the organization”. Its importance to the company is highlighted by its representation and support at the executive level.

As an organization, CCSI is committed to caring for the wellbeing of its employees and to the communities we serve. In fact, we actively encourage employees to volunteer and become involved in causes that affect positive outcomes for their communities. To lend their voluntary support to programs that positively impact the quality of life of those less fortunate. Our “time-off” policy for “Consensus Cares” provides guidelines for our employees who serve as volunteers in non-profit community programs that are either of personal interest or are corporate-sponsored initiatives.

The Spirit of the Consensus Do-Good Challenge

As a team, the DEI Council identified six causes (Education, Cleaner Living, Animal Shelters, Food Banks, Homeless, Wellness) that aligns with the company’s values. First off, employees choose their cause, they’re then assigned to a team to engage in volunteer activities. They have the option of volunteering on their own, with a colleague, or as a team member. Each volunteer has up to 24 hours of paid time off with a chance to win prizes and be rewarded for their do-good behavior !

Individuals and teams will collect points for time engaged in volunteer activities. The individual who completes the most hours of volunteer activities. And the team with the highest number of hours per team member, at the end of the challenge, wins. The challenge and contest means it’s fun and ensures full engagement!

With executive team members on five of the causes, including Scott Turicchi, CEO; it really demonstrates that our policy “Consensus cares” is being championed and actioned at the most senior levels of the company. With the kickoffs completed, the #DoGoodChallenge is now officially underway.  The challenge began on April 1st and it’ll run for three months in total. Out of 590 or so employees, almost 110 employees have registered to participate thus far and have already logged more than 200 hours of volunteer activity. No mean feat.

As Marc says: “We’ve got some participants that are actually going out there and volunteering with their kids and exposing their kids to the value of volunteer work and the importance of it and what you get back in return”.

Consensus employee contributing to community engagement
Consensus employees working at local food bank.

Do Good and Feel Good

According to the Mayo Clinic, volunteering reduces stress and increases positive feelings by releasing dopamine. When spending time in service to others, volunteers report feeling a sense of meaning and appreciation, which can have a stress-reducing effect. Reduced stress further decreases risk of many physical and mental health problems, such as heart disease, stroke, depression, anxiety and general illness.

Consensus is really proud of this event and the willingness of its employees to participate and support these causes. Aside from the chance for employees to win prizes, Consensus will also be making donations to various causes, based on the winning teams and individual participants. 

With so many employees working from home these days, we feel this is a great way to unite our global employees  in a very meaningful way.  We’re doing good and feeling good!

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