Plan Now for the COVID-19 Resurgence and Flu Season – Learn How Simple Changes to Sharing Patient Data Can Yield Better Health Outcomes

As we enter the fall flu Season and resurgence of COVID-19, coupled with the uncertainty and distribution of a new vaccine, patient data sharing for better continuity of care has never been more important for the accuracy of a longitudinal record and proper care delivery. Long-term post-acute care facilities must adopt practices that allow for seamless and real-time exchange of lab results, transitions of care, diagnoses and treatments. 


Learning Objectives

• Learn how you can unlock data sharing roadblocks by deploying direct messaging

• Ensure that you receive timely referrals as patients are discharged from acute care facilities

• Understand how to utilize alerts to speed authorizations and improve home care coordination

• Get up-to-date on paper fax discharge instructions, which will no longer be sent from acute hospitals due to CMS requirements

• Find out how you can use secure cloud faxing or direct messaging to satisfy receiving ADT notifications



Brenda Hopkins
Chief Health Information Officer
J2 Cloud Services

Michele Darnell
Chief Commercial Officer
Secure Exchange Solutions