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Consensus Products

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Fast-track your digital interoperability

Efficiently manage documents from fax triage to Direct Secure Messaging with the ability to send a C-CDA. Real-time on demand patient query with an integration into Carequality.

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Improve care coordination with real-time health event alert notifications

Consensus Signal delivers real-time health event alert notifications, connecting providers and care teams wherever patients receive care.

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One integrated API for healthcare

Access numerous endpoints, securely and simply with one API connectivity and avoid developing one-offs to disparate healthcare systems.

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Unlock valuable, actionable data

Actionable data integrated into provider’s workflow without costly interfaces.

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Secure cloud faxing relied on by organizations of all sizes

eFax Corporate® provides a cost-effective alternative to fax machines and in-house fax servers, ideal for your growing business, and high-volume faxing.

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The easiest way to electronically sign documents online

jSign with blockchain provides a unique way to implement a solid, secure, and reliable e-signature workflow into your business documents.

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Interface engine. Integration without limitation

Enables hospitals, health systems, clinics, and vendors to successfully connect disparate systems, gather and normalize data, and streamline connectivity, communication, and data interoperability.

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The standard for robotic process automation

From the simplest automations to the most complex processes, SST is a powerful RPA solution that allows organizations to optimize workflows, increase efficiencies, and maximize ROI.

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