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Offering One-Off or Ongoing Support for Hospitals and Health Systems

No project is too small, or too complex, for our project engineers. Our Professional Services team is committed to helping all our clients get the most out of their technology investments, whether it’s helping to build interfaces, develop automated workflows, set up downtime reports, or complete an entire EHR migration. We want to be the vendor partner you rely on when you don’t have the resources or support in-house to accomplish all your integration and automation goals.

We can take on ad-hoc tasks that you’re struggling with, we can act as an extension of your IT staff and manage your entire hospital infrastructure – or anything in between – so your team can focus on other projects!

Managed Services

Consensus Cloud Solutions’ Managed Services team specializes in working with health systems of all sizes to help save time, resources, and costs. Partner with Consensus for a one-time project, or continued support as an extension of your IT team. We work with hospitals that have limited staff, or do not possess the expertise to develop and manage their IT infrastructure internally and provide solutions that benefit their team across the board.


We possess more than just excellent products and services. We have the know-how to solve any difficult integration project that your organization faces on a daily and ongoing basis. With Consensus’ packaged solutions, we transfer the combined experience of our team members and our clients to help you achieve any integration objectives you may face.


Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) products were designed with the understanding that production and maintenance of automated workflows is often a stressful drain on valuable organizational resources and staff. From simple scripts to more complex and interactive processes, Consensus has experience providing tailored solutions for organizations of all sizes, and across any department.


Consensus’ Professional Services team leverages proven experience and unparalleled service to assess and manage your current downtime environment to ensure you’re prepared for any downtime event. Not only will you be ready for any planned or unplanned Healthcare Information System disruption, but you’ll also gain the benefit of objective, expert knowledge to help you prepare for network downtime, as well.


We are committed to providing our clients with an ever evolving, easy to use, line of products and services to help bring their systems together. We help ensure our clients are making the most out of their software investments now, and in the future. That is why we offer all of our clients access to our Customer Care Center and encourage them to take advantage of the resources and product information offered.

The benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Making better use of resources, enabling your staff to focus on core hospital initiatives
  • Decreasing the time associated with recruiting, training, and retaining staff
  • Learning to tackle complex initiatives or solve challenges you didn’t know your technology was capable of
  • Benefiting from the experience of our engineers as a permanent extension of your staff
  • Receiving support that is reliable, fast, flexible, and available 24/7/365
  • Backfilling positions at a cost far less than hiring a new FTE

Don’t take it from us, see what our clients are saying!

“After staffing changes that occurred in our Information Services Department, I reached out to our regional sales manager, Barry Njoes, to discuss our next big implementation project which would need significant interface management and representation. Barry reviewed our account and identified ways that our processes could be more streamlined, which included more flexible monitoring of our current interface environment. Additionally, he provided guidance for the methodology we would later incorporate in strategic planning for our Epic Community Connect project.”
Jennifer Jones, RN, MSN
Information Services Director at Cody Regional Health
“The ability to work with one integration vendor has proven to be extremely rewarding. Summit Healthcare’s services team played a key role in ensuring a successful implementation and will continue to lend their expertise as an extension of the hospital’s IT staff overseeing the entire interface environment. Being able to avoid working with third- party vendors and rely on Summit Healthcare for different aspects of our integration, both short term and long term, has already demonstrated important value to the hospital.”
Juan Caban, CIO
Hospital de la Concepción
“As Memorial Hospital began its strategic plan for our EHR migration we quickly realized that there was more to our plan than application implementation and hardware requirements. We needed to find an integration and automation partner that could assist us with our interface landscape and help us tackle our data and dictionary management needs including a plan for business continuity in the event of a downtime. Summit Healthcare provided the whole package and came highly recommended.”
Jennifer Meinkoth, CIO
Memorial Hospital of Belleville

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