Digital Signature Solution for Enterprise Organizations

You don’t have to give up the best features for the best price. With jSign™ Digital Signature, security, quality and low-cost work hand-in-hand to offer clients the best value.

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Experience Matters & Price is a Game Changer

In highly regulated industries like healthcare, banking, finance and insurance, where integration and ease-of-use are vital and compliance is critical, experience and expertise can be a game changer when it comes to new technology adoption. And in today’s economic environment, even one dollar saved makes a difference. With jSign™ digital signature you don’t have to give up one for the other.

Realize True Benefits, Enterprise-wide

  • Sign remotely from any location
  • Send securely with block chain technology
  • Scale as you grow; pay only for what you need
  • Receive true price transparency, no hidden fees!
  • Save time with new auto form fill feature
  • Reduce costs with best-of-breed technology
  • Integrate easily into your workflows with APIs
  • Improve user satisfaction

Compare Key Enterprise Digital Signature Benefits

jSign offers the greatest value in comparison to other enterprise digital signature solutions. Get all the features you want and
need… at the lowest price.

Digital Signature Benefit Comparison
Price/Cost of Ownership
Cost Transparency – All costs fully disclosed and billing consistent with expectations
Usable Off-The-Shelf – without add-ins
Security and Compliance – Meets industry-specific regulations around the world. A part of a HIPAA-compliant workflow
Multiple Integrations Without Additional Cost
Available via API – integrate anywhere and into your internal application
24/7 Live Support at No Additional Fee
Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive
Envelope limits even at enterprise, end-of-year fees.

Limited price transparency

Fee based
Premium support fee
Adobe® Sign
Requires Adobe Suite of products
Limited to Adobe Suite of Products- Adobe platform add-ins required
With Fee at Enterprise level, not available at lower levels
Salesforce $10/month, others included

Security and Compliance, the Backbone of Digital Signature Solutions for the Enterprise

jSign Digital Signature services are HIPAA compliant and meet Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) requirements for healthcare workflows, as well as regulatory requirements for various other industries, such as banking, finance and insurance.

Hands Down,
Easier to Use

With fewer steps required and online assistance, jSign digital signature provides a unique way to implement a solid, secure, and reliable digital signature process into your enterprise document workflows. With jSign digital signature APIs, integrations into mission-critical applications are simple and more cost-effective than any other solution of its kind. Whether it’s decreasing hospital admission times with easy-to-sign documents, or accelerating legal banking signatures, jSign’s APIs can work inside the processes you use today and tomorrow.

jSign Digital Signature from Consensus Cloud Solutions

From the company that brought you eFax® Corporate for more than 25 years, jSign digital signature offers easy APIs that integrate into your workflow, automated form fill for digital signing, and more – you get 100% of the features you expect at a fraction of the cost. It’s simple math and solid savings.

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