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Consensus Conductor Can Do… What? Yep, Integrate All Your Communication Workflows in One Place

You don’t need to keep using a zillion data exchange tools If your healthcare organization is anything like the thousands that we’ve worked with over the years, your staff hasn’t been able to optimize or centralize their communication processes. That’s because the providers, payers, and other organizations that your practice needs to exchange data with […]

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Consensus SST Can Do… What? Yep, Save Your Staff Hundreds of Hours Per Month

How SST saves your organization serious time and money In case you you’re not familiar with the term, robotic process automation (RPA) refers to using technology to automate rules-based business processes. Doesn’t sound very exciting when we put it that way, does it? So let’s discuss some of the  specific ways it can create massive […]

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jSign Can Do… What? Yep, Automatically Fill Your Forms

Another business benefit from the most secure e-signing app jSign has established itself as the industry’s most secure and intelligent electronic signature app — primarily due to our industry-first use of the blockchain to capture and record e-signatures that are both legally binding and impossible for signers to later refute. (To discover why you should […]

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Breaking Down Healthcare’s Hidden Data Silos: Expert Tips

In healthcare, the data silos you don’t know exist can hurt you. Earlier this month our team traveled to Nashville for ViVE, one of the nation’s largest healthcare tech conferences, and throughout the conference, there was a sense that data sharing is on the verge of acceleration. Micky Tripathi, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, […]

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Better Care Coordination Starts with Consensus All Access

When facing new regulations, healthcare providers can take one of two paths — do the minimum necessary to tick the regulatory box or determine how the change can positively impact patient care. One regulation we’re all very familiar with when it comes to compliance is the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule. Official as […]

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