Better Together: Consensus Cloud Solutions Acquires Summit Healthcare

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There were a considerable number of mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare industry just in 2021 alone. Some of the biggest names in healthcare and technology joined forces, opening the door for further and future innovation, integration, and interoperability.

An exciting addition to the acquisition list is Summit Healthcare becoming part of Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc. Our team is thrilled for what this relationship means for our customers, our employees, and our partnerships – particularly the opportunity to deliver advanced solutions in this healthcare market that has ever-changing business needs and regulatory drivers.

Why it Made Sense Strategically

This acquisition strategically leverages both company’s competencies to expand scope and focus on solutions that support our global customer base across the healthcare industry and beyond.

Now, through our combined resources and capabilities, our customers will benefit from a new level of automation, care continuity, and integration solutions that will result in more effective health outcomes for the hospitals and health systems we serve:

  • Business automation tools that include RPA, NLP, and AI
  • Single vendor integration of disparate systems for efficient data sharing
  • Digital cloud faxing
  • Digital signatures
  • Send and receive document management 

Why it Makes Sense Culturally

The Summit Healthcare and Consensus shared Mission and Values brought our companies together, and those drivers will continue to guide us in everything we do. We wanted Summit Healthcare to be part of a company that is progressive, innovative, and growing. Most important to us was that we be part of an organization whose top priority is the customer – to provide beneficial products and services, support their objectives, and align with their goals.

Why it Makes Sense for Our Customers

Whether the primary EHR is MEDITECH, Epic, Cerner, or others, we wanted to be sure that as part of a new company, Summit Healthcare’s industry and EHR knowledge and experience continued to be leveraged to meet our customer’s integration, automation, care continuity, and resource support needs.

There have been permanent changes to the healthcare industry since the onset of the pandemic, and even prior to. There’s a strong demand for technology that reduces burnout, supports limitations or reductions in workforce, and improves both clinician and patient satisfaction. Collectively, Summit Healthcare and Consensus Cloud Solutions have been tackling these challenges for more than 20 years.

What Makes it Possible

At the center of this acquisition are our employees, who believe success is tied to the simple act of listening to the needs of the customer and designing solutions to fulfill those needs. The success of Summit Healthcare over the last 22 years is built on the foundation of building trust with our clients – trust that we have the knowledge, experience, products, and services to support varied and complex objectives.

We remain committed to continuing our legacy of providing the topmost level of service and solutions. And now, as part of Consensus Cloud Solutions, we will be even better… together!

For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out:

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