Customer Feedback: Consensus Customers Weigh in on Customer Service Support

1 minute read

Here’s some facts you may not know about Consensus customer support. Including call volumes, response times, and the May 2023 NPS score.  

Did you know, on an average month, we handle 5,000+ calls and emails? And we’re above the industry average, in terms of responsiveness. We pick up all calls, on average, under 30 seconds. Speed and responsiveness are the keys to our success here. 

​​​​​At Consensus, we value our customers’ feedback.  To understand how we’re performing and to give you an opportunity to provide feedback, we use net promoter score (NPS).  We’re happy to share that during the month of May, our NPS has been positive, registering at a healthy score of +43.  

Here’s some of your feedback during the month of May:

“The rep was very thorough and courteous. She stayed on the line until  the issue was completely resolved. She also educated me on several features/functions that I wasn’t aware of.”
“Great experience! My rep was knowledgeable and fixed my issue quickly!”
“My rep was outstanding. responsive and proactive. I needed to get a document to the Doctor’s office quickly. I’m a new customer. Needed quick help. Could not have done it without her assistance. Thank you”.

The customer service team is always at hand, 24/7, to help with your requests and needs.  We strive for excellence at all times—it’s one of core values.  We’ll always endeavor to provide the best customer service to you at all times. As always, we appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

Need help? Call: 1 (800) 810-2641 or Email: [email protected]