Consensus Joins Speaker Lineup at AHIP’s Institute & Expo Online – June 22-24, 2021

When COVID-19 interrupted the 2020 event circuit, putting a hold on in-person gatherings packed with thousands of guests, the industry knew it was time to pivot. Large companies and organizations put their heads together and began to pull off some of the greatest virtual gatherings with renowned speakers from all over the world. The rise of virtual conferences and events kept the community united, which is why Consensus is excited to announce our official participation in this year’s AHIP Institute & Expo Online taking place virtually from June 22-24.

Hosted by the national association whose members provide coverage for health care and related services to hundreds of millions of Americans every day, the annual AHIP event encourages innovation, action and candor while engaging with some of the greatest minds from both inside and outside of the industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with leading experts by participating in various educational sessions, Q&A’s, networking events, exhibit halls and lightbulb moments. All who attend also have the ability to choose which sessions they’ll take part in based on their organization’s current needs and challenges.

Consensus Leadership Headlining June’s Virtual Event

The conference agenda features an exceptional list of keynote speakers and spotlight sessions that will be focused on topics such as health equity through digital platforms, navigating multiple phases of interoperability and how to transform care delivery through successful collaborations. Amongst the list of outstanding speakers, you will find a few of our own industry experts including Consensus Chief Health Information Officer Brenda Hopkins and Consensus Health IT Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer Bevey Miner along with our partner Secure Exchange Solutions President and Chief Commercial Officer Michele Darnell. The three will gather at the event for a session on Thursday, June 24 from 1:00PM – 1:45PM titled, “Learn How Cloud Faxing and Electronic ADT Notifications Can Streamline Payer Workflow.”

The Topic: Challenges Facing Payers in their Current Environment

Healthcare organizations continue to focus on managing costs of operations, declining margins, meeting regulatory compliance, and managing communications while also having to ensure they are closing gaps in care and delivering the best care possible. During their session, Hopkins and Darnell will engage in a conversation moderated by Miner focusing on how these gaps in care can be solved by reducing paper workflows and enhancing automatic ADT notifications for those payers in challenging environments. The conversation will allow participants to step back and see how much of their staff’s daily workflows include paper faxing – printing, scanning, filing, sending – many are having to focus on administrative tasks when they should have the ability to focus on delivering high quality care to patients.

Precise and actionable data contributes to strong member/patient engagement and outcomes, improved efficiencies, and reduced expenses. Providers and payers require alignment on the best contact and financial information along with socioeconomic risk intelligence to drive care quality and cost outcomes for all stakeholders – particularly considering the increased financial pressures due to COVID-19. Comprehensive and usable data supports positive member/patient experience and loyalty, which is top priority for both payers and providers.

Providers, pharmacies, physicians, and clerical staff often need prior authorization or visibility that members have with an admission, discharge or transfer from a hospital or post-acute facility during the point of care. Creating visibility to member engagements will not only create a more longitudinal view of treatments, but it will also help further identify these gaps in care. Done automatically with the help of ADT notifications, this data can seamlessly flow to payer case management systems, allowing the quality of care and cost to be maintained. These are just some of the important discussion points the three panelists will explore.

For more information on the AHIP Institute & Expo Online, be sure to visit their website and get registered ahead of time by clicking here.