Executive Spotlight: CEO, Scott Turicchi

2 minute read

Our CEO, Scott Turicchi, responds to the question: “Based on your experience in a leadership role, if you only had 6 words of advice to give a business, what would they be”?

Awareness, Understanding, Courage, Conviction, Listening and Synthesize

What does that mean?

The key is to make the complex simple. In my role, I need to have expertise (Awareness) across a wide range of disciplines.

I need to Understand the needs of many different stakeholders and view this as an interactive and iterative process as I ask questions and seek information.

Listening is the key skill as it gives you insight as the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) give you a deep dive into their function. Listening also is required to ask additional questions as you delve into the root of what is needed to be accomplished. 

Once you have been able to listen, it provides you with a view, which is based on a broad range of knowledge from your SMEs as you Synthesize what has been shared to create a hypothesis. Once a hypothesis is created, as CEO, you must have the Courage and Conviction to make the hard decisions and then communicate them with empathy and candidness to achieve the results desired.

Career Biography

Scott Turicchi is Chief Executive Officer of Consensus Cloud Solutions. Previous to his current role, Scott was President and Chief Financial Officer of J2 Global where he was responsible for all finance, merger and acquisitions activity and public company matters. He joined the company in March 2000 as Executive Vice President of Corporate Development. Over the past 21 years, Scott has held various roles at J2, including chief financial officer, co-president and president.

Prior to joining J2, Scott was a managing director in Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Securities Corporation’s investment banking department. At DLJ, he was responsible for corporate finance activities, including public equity offerings, high grade and high yield debt offerings, private equity placements and mergers and acquisitions advisory services. Scott led the company to a successful spin off from J2 Global.