Get Free Access to Consensus’ On-Demand Patient Record-Retrieval Service

Helping Front-line Healthcare Workers Fight COVID-19

As a digital-solution provider to the healthcare industry for more than 20 years, we at J2 Global know the vital role healthcare providers play in keeping our world safe and healthy. In times of medical crisis, we know you are society’s first—and possibly most important—line of defense.

So, as you find your organization and your entire staff pushed to its limits fighting this pandemic, we’d like to offer our help.

Carequality Patient Record Query is Included with the Consensus Interoperability Platform

J2 recently released Consensus, a digital interoperability system that connects healthcare organizations through the entire continuum of care. To help providers through these challenging times, we are offering the Consensus online record-retrieval service at no charge.

When Minutes Count You Can Get Access to Life Saving Patient Information

When you sign up for free access to this service, your organization will be able to quickly query for secure online patient records across a database of more than 600,000 providers. This includes hospitals, health systems, physician practices, and other providers participating in Carequality.

Most important, you will be able to obtain these all-important patient records digitally, in seconds, without ever having to call another provider or fax them a records request. This information is critical when you need to quickly make a triage decision regarding the right treatment plan for a patient.

No Need for A Connected EHR

We’re making the Consensus record-retrieval service available to any healthcare organization that does not already have access to on-demand patient query through its EHR. If you don’t have an EHR, that’s ok too. You only need a secure internet connection.

Note: This offer is available to all organizations treating patients. We know that the overburdened healthcare system is reallocating a lot of resources to fight the pandemic, but patients still need to be treated for other conditions. The free service is available to any qualifying provider.

While Consensus Patient Query is Free, You Can Get the Full Consensus Platform for a Discount

Right now, we’re planning to offer our free version of Consensus at least until either the federal government removes the national-emergency declaration, or until the last state to declare an emergency lifts its own declaration. If you want the full version of Consensus with digital cloud faxing and direct messaging also included, we are discounting that solution to help you better manage patient care. For now, we know your organization is in crisis mode trying to help your patients the best you can—and we just want to help.

During this pandemic, we know your staff is as busy as it has ever been, and that timely access to critical patient data can literally mean the difference between life and death.

By enabling your organization to avoid the time-consuming process of manually requesting and waiting for patient information by fax or phone, our on-demand records-retrieval service can help you and your team reclaim vital time and resources to focus on providing patient care. So, let’s get started with your free access or ask about our full product discounts.