Health Systems Can Now Move Patient Data into EHR Solutions Faster with New Integrated Offering of Onbase with Consensus’ eFax Corporate™ Solution

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Terry LaPointe, Consensus Cloud Solutions, Group Vice President – Services

A large health system based in Georgia is implementing an integrated solution leveraging the combined power of the Onbase by Hyland application and the world’s largest cloud fax solution with robust routing capabilities, eFax Corporate by Consensus Cloud Solutions.

We are so excited to work more tightly with large healthcare systems throughout the country thanks to this unique partnership with Onbase. We were chosen out of a list of 150 vendors competing for this opportunity and we feel fortunate to be able to partner with such a well-known and well-respected organization as Hyland. This combined solution offers customers the benefits of Hyland’s best-in-class integration solution, coupled with our best-in-class, HITRUST CSF®, secure faxing technology.

This powerful integration supports receiving and sending faxes directly from the Onbase application using a safe, secure and regulatory compliant, digital cloud faxing solution with end-to-end encryption and ultra-fast transmission speeds. Large health systems and other Onbase clients can now take advantage of Consensus’ high volume, highly available, eFax Corporate digital cloud faxing solution as an integral part of their EHR workflows.

The way it works: High volume faxing (up to 50 digital faxes per minute) can now be utilized via eFax Corporate as part of their standard EHR workflows. Consensus’ eFax Corporate enterprise team is in the midst of multiple Onbase deployments, which are either completed or expected to go live by the end
of 2022.

Onbase by Hyland and eFax Corporate – the Value of Connected Care

As a healthcare organization, nothing matters more than your patients. Everything you do is geared towards ensuring you deliver the best care and patient experience possible. Hyland Healthcare’s Onbase solution, combined with Consensus’ eFax Corporate, provides the connected healthcare solution that places patient content at the provider’s fingertips, and into the patients’ electronic health record, while reducing tedious administrative tasks.

More about eFax Corporate by Consensus Cloud Solutions

As the cloud-based, digital enterprise fax solution most trusted by businesses including nearly half of the Fortune 500, Consensus Cloud Solutions flagship solution – eFax Corporate, can significantly improve your enterprise fax infrastructure. By providing employees with high volume, digital fax capability via email, online or even mobile apps, our solution eliminates time spent printing, scanning and waiting for a fax machine. Integrate existing business applications with our Enterprise Fax API to improve processes and workflows. Visit to Learn More.

More about Onbase by Hyland:

For more than 25 years, Hyland, creator of OnBase, has met the specific needs of the markets it serves, transforming thousands of organizations worldwide with tailored solutions on the OnBase platform. OnBase, Hyland’s flagship product, is an award-winning, single enterprise information platform designed to manage content, processes and cases. OnBase centralizes important content in one secure location, and then delivers relevant information when and where you need it. Onbase helps healthcare organizations increase productivity, improve customer service and reduce risk across the continuum of care. Visit here for more information.