The Future of Healthcare Data Use NLP & AI to unlock valuable, actionable insights

Transform unstructured documents to structured, actionable data with Clarity’s intelligent data extraction. Clarity uses Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence (NLP/AI) to unveil valuable, insightful information that can be sent to the right place, the right person, and at the right time – to accelerate patient treatment across the continuum of care.

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Despite the availability of new and updated technology, the majority of healthcare organizations’ data remains embedded in non-automated, unstructured documents like paper faxes and PDFs. Interoperability continues to be a challenge for all healthcare systems. Consensus Clarity’s natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology helps solve this problem, enabling better data sharing, information visibility, enhanced workflows, and resource optimization for all stakeholders.

Consensus Clarity transforms digital unstructured documents into useful and actionable data, improving and accelerating communications. Clarity’s NLP/AI makes it possible to solve today’s toughest healthcare interoperability challenges. Clarity removes roadblocks and optimizes resources across the continuum of care.

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The Consensus Clarity keyword matching process is more accurate than the competition.

In a hard-to-read document, Clarity can turn unstructured data into a structured JSON format that can be consumed into another system. JSON is a common structure used by APIs and widely used for sharing data across disparate platforms and systems.

  • Identify and extract content from unstructured forms and enable the creation of new records, or mapping to existing records for easy consumption into other platforms.
  • Extract demographic data sets from unstructured documents.
  • Receive confidence score for each field extracted.
  • Integrate with eFax Cloud faxing for best results.

Sample Data Flow:

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Source Document

original scanned document

Consensus Clarity Output

Unstructured to structured document

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Why Clarity?

Clarity’s natural language processing and artificial intelligence (NLP/AI) makes it possible to tackle today’s toughest healthcare interoperability challenges. Clarity removes communication roadblocks and optimizes resources across the continuum of care.

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Clarity Helps Clinicians Focus on What They Do Best – Providing Quality Care

When documents are unstructured, they appear within workflows without any context, which means that hospital staff must manually review and sort them before action can be taken. This results in delayed tests, treatments, and often, poorer health outcomes. Learn more about how Consensus Clarity helps solve these problems using the latest NLP and AI technology.

  • Increase Accuracy – Avoid human error with digital fax automation.
  • Enhance your digital journey – Manage inbound documents like PDFs and faxes and index them to your record in seconds.
  • Access critical information quickly, helping providers and other participants in the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Improve efficiency and prioritization of clinical workflows to improve outcomes.
  • Get more from your records when they are historically complete, and improve overall care experience.
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Your Consensus team is available for an integration consultation

Every integration is different. Your needs are as unique as your organization and we want to learn how we can help you. We want to discuss your needs for data validation, specific fields, data structure, confidence scores, volumes of documents, and what makes your challenge unique.