Unlock Valuable, Actionable Data.

Go from unstructured to structured data with research-validated NLP and AI tools. Unveil valuable, insightful information that can be sent to the right place, the right person, and at the right time - making it actionable to support better care coordination.


Transforms your health IT system into a smart system that gets even smarter.

Consensus Clarity is built from the ground up with medical context as its foundation. As a bespoke OCR/NLP solution, it differs from other commercially available offerings by supporting context-based understanding. This
means it reads the entire page/document and uses machine-learned intelligence built-in for medical understanding.

Consensus Clarity has been trained on data sets for pharmacology, pathophysiology, and other terminology data sets such as SNOMED and CPT codes. This, and the document context, enables the system to apply Artificial
Intelligence as it relates to prescribed pharmaceuticals to the discussed condition and therefore the appropriate dose. This prevents medical and human error in transcription and improves confidence scores in comparison to
other offerings.


How it works?

Consensus Clarity matching is more accurate than the competition.

This process dramatically improves the results of the NLP output — being able to identify words regardless of direction and understand them based on the context and topics covered in the document. It can also note when
handwriting is present and interpret forms within the document.

Key Features

  • OCR, NLP, AI – Consensus Clarity goes beyond Optical Character Recognition (OCR); it combines OCR with AI and Natural Language Processing to provide the most accurate and innovative solution built
    specifically for healthcare. It directly addresses the unstructured document problem with powerful features like FAX2C-CDA.
  • Support for all document formats – All data inputs are supported (e.g. digital fax, scanned medical forms, PDF, XML, etc.) and can be processed by Consensus Clarity to extract valuable and actionable
    information that makes a difference in delivering care.
  • Integration with leading cloud fax technology – With most critical healthcare information getting delivered via fax, Consensus Clarity can deliver a digital document that includes superior
    reliability, security, and compliance in the most stringent industries like healthcare.
backend workflow diagram

Consensus Clarity in action:

  • NLP to Intelligently Streamline Prior Authorizations- Intelligently read text — including handwriting — and understand terms such as ‘urgent’, ‘stat’, or ‘rush’ on forms like prior authorizations to
    help prioritize it for immediate action
  • Extract Patient Demographics – Pull demographics contained in locked-down, unstructured documents such as digital fax or PDF, and match it to the patient in other systems, creating a more complete
    longitudinal record
  • Convert Digital Fax to C-CDA (FAX2C-CDA) – Identify and map clinical information in a digital fax and output it as a standard C-CDA format for consumption by an EHR
  • De-identified Population Reporting – Find and analyze high-utilizer patients to identify populations to include in outcomes research, so that comparative effectiveness or Real World Evidence can be
    achieved.Consensus Clarity can de-identify PHI with 99% accuracy
  • Automate Clinical Trial Management – Use artificial intelligence to recognize clinical terminology and medical history to automatically find patients for inclusion in clinical trials — yielding timely
    test results