The Standard for Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare

Improve Processes and Automate Workflows Across Any Hospital Department

Consensus Cloud Solutions has been offering RPA solutions for over 20 years, exclusively to the healthcare market. SST is the most versatile and powerful robotic process automation platform available, and with each new release the ROI and value it produces for our clients continues to remain unmatched. This full-featured application allows any member of your team, from the junior analyst to the most experienced programmer, to easily and effortlessly build intelligent workflows in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks, perform testing, and release into full production.

An immense number of resources, time, and money are often devoted to the development of workflows, as well as difficulties that often arise with the introduction of third-party vendor systems. Many vendors charge outrageous fees per integration point, and only provide solutions after months of waiting. We take pride in offering SST, a simplified, cost-effective, and reliable solution for any of your complex process automation needs.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can emulate repetitive human actions to streamline workflows and increase efficiencies across any hospital department, resulting in significant ROI and resource savings.

Improves business processes, expenses, and productivity

Exponentially faster than humans

Mitigates human error

One-fifth the cost of a full-time healthcare staff member

Improves employee satisfaction and reduces burnout

Key Features and Functionality

ROI: Cost Savings

  • Attain immediate ROI.
  • Eliminate custom interface costs.
  • Avoid third party customization and maintenance fees.
  • Update thousands of records in a matter of moments.
  • Schedule automation with ease – set it and forget it.

Accuracy & Security

  • Automate processes in any environment including Citrix.
  • Reuse workflow segments.
  • Eliminate transcription errors.
  • Enable exception alerts and logging. Ability to review every workflow command processed.
  • Upgrade systems with automated validation testing.

Vendor & Application Neutrality

  • Enhance workflow automation capabilities to Citrix and Windows using OCR+.
  • Connect to all EHR vendors, including MEDITECH, Cerner, EPIC, Allscripts, and more.
  • Streamline any system conversion, EHR replacement, or migration, including MEDITECH Expanse.

Ease of Use

  • Utilize code-free automation; easy to use for both programmers and non-programmers alike.
  • Get up and running in minutes with simple installation and application connections.
  • Design ease-of-use with point-and-click workflow generation.
  • Save time by automating any redundant task, i.e. updating a B/AR Procedure list from an Excel Spreadsheet instead of tedious manual data entry.

Success Stories

Surgery Partners
Improving Processes with RPA Across all MEDITECH Platforms; Magic, 5.x, 6.x, and Expanse

SST has been estimated to save Surgery Partners over $150,000 every year and countless additional resources. Perhaps most importantly, the automation of tasks frees up employees to do more challenging, satisfying work rather than repetitive and error-prone manual data entry.

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St. Claire HealthCare
Supplementing their MEDITECH Platform with Consensus’s RPA Technology

St. Claire HealthCare selected SST to assist with their organization’s workflow automation needs. Not only was the technology reliable, affordable, and easy to use but the team at Consensus also demonstrated a strong understanding of the project needs and requirements, backed by exceptional customer support.

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Robotic Process Automation Designed by Healthcare Experts for Healthcare Systems

Ask us about our Automation Services: Our Professional Services team coupled with our cutting-edge RPA technology to provide a unique temporary or full–time employee to perform any routine tasks for your department.

Save Money, Save Time

SST is an RPA tool capable of mimicking any human user actions. This allows users to implement technology quickly and jumpstart their ROI. It also allows organizations to reallocate their staff to focus on more rewarding and important tasks. RPA does the jobs that humans can’t or don’t want to do. The technology works 24×7×365 and completes projects in a fraction of the time it would take a human, without errors.

Our customers have found immense savings in both time and money with SST. SST will help you automate inefficient data entry, eliminate time-wasting manual processes, reduce transcription errors, avoid third-party customization and maintenance fees, and most importantly, create a time-saving, cost-effective solution to your workflow automation needs, whether simple or complex.

Improve customer service in the front office, reduce effort in the back office.


  • Fill in forms
  • Extract data from documents
  • Scrape browsers
  • Log into applications
  • Move files or folders
  • Replace spreadsheet data entry
  • Generate reports
  • Transfer and analyze data
  • And more…

Simplified and Reliable Solutions to Complex Automation Problems

SST creates an immediate and lasting impact on your organization with the elimination of lengthy manual workflow processes. It allows you to utilize data from any system, input data to any system, create near real-time or batch interfaces, and automate routine data entry tasks. The technology can connect to virtually any system, including complex and proprietary Windows or Web applications, including Citrix.

SST allows users of every level of experience to implement full-featured solutions to complex problems with a simple workflow process, and a proven automation environment complete with all the advanced tools necessary to build, test, and deploy workflows from a single desktop application.

“We use Consensus’ RPA tool to enhance our patients’ experience and access to information. We have developed workflows to generate reports within our EMR that allow information, which doesn’t normally flow to our patient’s portal, to be published to the patients portal. We also use RPA in transitioning documentation within the Electronic Chart; the workflow adds new documentation or removes old assessments, freeing up clinicians’ time while ensuring all records are updated. This allows more time for clinicians to provide direct care.”

Dave Long, Clinical Informatics Analyst at Ontario Shores

Robotic Process Automation:
Revolutionizing Your Workforce

The Consensus Conductor interface engine and complete interoperability platform provides seamless integration technology that supports all the latest standards for connectivity and data formats (API/FHIR, Web Service), addressing a wide range of interoperability challenges from the simple to the extremely complex.

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