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Health Event Notifications, Interoperability

Industry Commentary: Effective Communication Key To Improving Care Coordination During Transitions

By Bevey Miner, Health IT Strategy/Chief Marketing Officer for J2 Global Cloud Services Research shows that when a hospital transfers a patient to a long term post-acute care (LTPAC) facility – such as a skilled nursing facility, inpatient rehab facility, assisted living or home health agency – the data sharing between providers often involves the […]

Health Event Notifications, Interoperability

How Post-Acute Facilities Can Improve Workflows and Patient Care Coordination

From a care-coordination standpoint, it would be ideal if a patient’s entire healthcare journey took place in a single location. The patient’s primary care physician could take an elevator to the surgical floor and speak directly with that team about the unique circumstances of the patient’s upcoming procedure. After surgery, the acute-care staff could walk […]

Health Event Notifications, Interoperability

Ready to Meet the New CMS Final Ruling Deadline? An Overview of ADT Notifications

In An Already Challenging Healthcare Environment, Electronic ADT (Admission, Discharge, and Transfer) Notifications Are More Critical Than Ever Brenda Hopkins, J2 Chief Health Information Officer, recently authored a number of blogs where she outlined how the current pandemic and new compliance requirements bring communication and interoperability challenges to the forefront of healthcare. These blogs reinforced […]

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