Consensus Conductor Can Do… What? Yep, Integrate All Your Communication Workflows in One Place

You don’t need to keep using a zillion data exchange tools

If your healthcare organization is anything like the thousands that we’ve worked with over the years, your staff hasn’t been able to optimize or centralize their communication processes. That’s because the providers, payers, and other organizations that your practice needs to exchange data with use many different communication tools and data formats.

There’s simply no way your practice can streamline its workflows and build the most efficient communication processes if…

  • Some providers send patient data to your office in C-CDA format, and others send the information as unstructured documents.
  • Some providers prefer to communicate using Direct Secure Messaging, and others instead use standard email.
  • Many referrals, medical records, and other time-sensitive documents come in by fax —requiring your staff to manually review their contents and take the needed next actions.
  • Your EHR isn’t compatible with most others, which means your staff needs to manually re-enter the data sent from other providers’ EHRs into your patients’ records.
  • Because forms requiring signatures often come in as unstructured documents, your staff needs to print, physically sign, and re-scan these forms before sending them back.

Yes, the healthcare industry’s technology environment is a fragmented and complicated mess. But your office doesn’t need to be.

Manage all your communications from one digital platform

We developed Consensus Conductor specifically to eliminate each of those common workflow challenges above — not to mention the many others we’re sure your staff can describe.

Conductor is a user-friendly interoperability engine that sits in the background of your organization’s technology environment and helps your staff streamline — and is some cases even fully automate — the processes of reviewing, interpreting, forwarding, signing, and sending virtually every type of document or communication you receive.

With the Conductor interface engine running in the background, your staff will be able to seamlessly exchange data with other providers and healthcare organizations, whether those communications are:

  • C-CDA HL7 documents
  • PDFs
  • Direct Messages
  • Emails
  • Faxes
  • Patient records from any EHR
  • Patient queries from your staff to any HIE, ACO, or other network
  • Patient data coming from any HISP

How Conductor is helping a busy Ohio health system

The ability to manage so many disparate data formats and transmission protocols — including the oldest of all, faxing — all in a unified digital platform might sound too good to be true. But Conductor is hard at work improving the operations of many healthcare organizations. Case in point: Memorial Health System in Marietta, Ohio.

Read the Memorial Health System success story

Memorial Health System is a busy organization, processing between 800,000 and 1.5 million messages every day — ADTs, lab results, ITS reports, patient vitals, immunizations, etc. And because they work with so many providers, Memorial Health System receives and sends these communications using all the data formats and protocols we discussed above — plus many others.

So the organization decided to streamline and centralize these communications by implementing the Conductor engine in the background of its technology infrastructure. Now the organization’s healthcare professionals can easily send, receive, review, process, and forward these communications — and even use AI to prioritize time-sensitive patient information and automate many common workflows.

What Conductor can do for your healthcare practice

In fact, Conductor can do much more to create efficiencies for your workflows and improve your staff’s productivity — including integrate eSignature capability into any of these data formats and apply AI to unstructured documents, such as faxes, to auto-populate your patient records and automatically take any next actions you’ve specified.

But Conductor’s true, game-changing value to organizations like yours is the fact that it can help your staff unify their fragmented workflows and meet all their daily data exchange needs through one simple, intuitive platform.

Ready to see it in action?

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