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HIMSS21 tech news: cloud, analytics and interoperability developments

Read Healthcare IT News coverage on AI and NLP for interoperability: Consensus Cloud Solutions, a soon-to-be-standalone company spinning off from J2 Global, has unveiled two new additions to its product suite – Consensus Clarity and Consensus Harmony, both designed to bring seamless interoperability to providers and payers across the healthcare ecosystem. To read the full article, please visit […]

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Is it Time to Lean into Fax for Provider-Provider Interoperability?

Healthcare IT Today’s Colin Hungattended this year’s HIMSS conference and sat in on our panel discussion: Unleashing Unstructured Value Through Artificial Intelligence.  There is a lot of valuable information lying dormant in paper and electronic documents in healthcare. Although EHRs have almost eliminated the use of paper charts, the same cannot be said for faxes. Fax […]

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The New Age of Digital Interoperable Faxing

The Incrementalist podcast host Dr. Nick van Terheydentalks solutions for the interoperability challenges in healthcare with John Nebergall.  This week I am talking to John Nebergall, Chief Operating Officer of Consensus Cloud Solutions which we recorded live from HIMSS 21 in Las Vegas. Consensus is a spin off from J2 and eFax and they provide interoperability and streamlined workflows in a simple platform that […]

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4 Ways ADT Event Notifications Improve Payer Performance

As a result of CMS CoPs requirements and shared risk arrangements, admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) notifications are increasingly playing a more crucial role in coordinating care between providers and payers. Historically, four areas have posed problems for payers, beginning with the lack of timely information about a member’s admission, discharge, or transfer from a hospital […]


Webinar: The CMS ADT Rule Took Effect May 1, 2021. Now, What’s Next?

The CMS Rule for admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) notification for condition of participating (CoP) went into effect May 1, 2021. The rule signals the industry’s attempt to open the communication door between health systems and the post-acute downstream provider team, which is part of the larger, more encompassing Interoperability and Patient Access Rule; it […]

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Here’s How Consensus Plans to ‘Attack’ the Interoperability Opportunity as a New Public Company

In a recent article by Fierce Healthcare, John Nebergall and Scott Turicchi discuss how a company primarily known in the healthcare industry for its cloud fax business is aiming to tackle the broader interoperability market. J2 Global, a conglomerate of media and information services, recently announced plans to split into two businesses, spinning off its internet fax business as a […]

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