The Role of CDI in Healthcare

From improving public health and quality of care to minimizing overhead costs and ensuring a stable revenue cycle, proper documentation is essential for nearly every aspect of the healthcare industry. Its importance will continue to rise as payment models increasingly rely on value-based metrics.  As critical they are, the requirements placed on providers to generate […]

Why Is Documentation Important in Healthcare?

“If you didn’t document it, it didn’t happen.” It’s a popular saying in the healthcare industry, and it helps illustrate why documentation is important in healthcare. In few other industries is thorough, efficient documentation as essential as in the healthcare field, as inadequate record keeping could result in claims denials, lower productivity, lawsuits, and even […]

Improve workflows with NLP and AI-enabled fax for clinical records

Most faxed patient data cannot be used immediately — until someone performs a manual task In today’s healthcare landscape, the integration of cutting-edge technologies like natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be pivotal for streamlining and automating cumbersome clinical workflows. Intel’s former Chief Data Scientist, Bob Rogers, in collaboration with […]

Improving Clinical Documentation: Simplifying Fax Processing for Healthcare Providers

Clinical documentation plays a vital role in delivering quality patient care. However, reliance on faxes and other unstructured documents to support medical information exchange remains a major challenge. This is especially true for providers like nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and other organizations that have to manually enter medical records into their EHR, or lack […]

Consensus Clarity Can Do… What? Yep, Use AI to Automate Your Fax Workflows

Wouldn’t an Alexa be great for handling your inbound faxes? Imagine that your medical practice had an Amazon Echo sitting beside your office fax machine and that it was capable of carrying out a command like this: “Alexa, whenever a fax comes in, please do the following: Sounds like a fantasy, right? If your organization […]

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