Consensus Clarity Can Do… What? Yep, Use AI to Automate Your Fax Workflows

Wouldn’t an Alexa be great for handling your inbound faxes?

Imagine that your medical practice had an Amazon Echo sitting beside your office fax machine and that it was capable of carrying out a command like this:

“Alexa, whenever a fax comes in, please do the following:

  • Scan the fax’s contents for indications of an emergency, and forward a digital copy of those faxes to the following inboxes…
  • Identify the name and/or ID of the patient referenced in the fax, then open our EHR and populate the fax’s contents in the appropriate fields in that patient’s record.
  • For faxes containing data on multiple patients, please sort and organize the contents by patient to ensure all data goes into the correct records.
  • For faxes regarding patient referrals, please forward those to the following inboxes…
  • If the fax pertains to a prior authorization request, please forward it to the following inboxes…

Sounds like a fantasy, right? If your organization uses fax for exchanging important patient information, your staff needs to manually perform all of these tasks — probably many times a day.

That means your employees need to frequently interrupt their other tasks to review incoming faxes, decide what next actions to take, and often manually re-enter the data into another digital system, such as your EHR.  

Clarity uses AI to automate your fax workflows

We developed Clarity to help organizations like yours turn these important but tedious fax workflows from manual and inefficient (constantly monitoring fax machines, reviewing paper documents, etc.) into automated processes that take place reliably in the background while your employees focus their attention on more important work — like caring for patients.

A Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution, Clarity extracts data from unstructured documents — like faxes, even handwritten faxes — and applies AI to turn those documents into useful, action-ready data for your staff.

To learn how this works, read the Clarity white paper on using AI to extract action-ready patient data from faxes.

How this benefits your business

With Clarity’s NLP and AI technology running in the background of your fax infrastructure, your organization will enjoy several operational improvements. Just a few examples include:

  • Reduce human error

A common cause of adverse events in medical care is human error — including incorrectly entering or interpreting data in a patient record or communication with another provider. Automating your fax workflows with Clarity removes the need for your staff to manually review and rekey patient information, allowing your practice to improve accuracy and reduce the chances of human-caused medical errors.

  • Save your staff time

By eliminating many of their most frequent and tedious daily tasks, Clarity’s AI-enabled fax automation can help your staff redirect their time to more productive projects and help your organization reduce the employee burnout that paperwork overload so often causes today among healthcare professionals.

  • Improve patient care

Automating your fax workflows with Clarity can lead to better patient care in two ways. First, because the NLP and AI solution immediately reviews and takes relevant action on any inbound fax, your practice will be responding more quickly to patient-related requests that come in by fax. Second, because your staff will spend less time monitoring the fax machine and manually dealing with inbound faxes, they’ll have more time to devote to patients.

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