Leverage Consensus Unite with PointClickCare

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Better Fax. Better Data Across the Care Continuum. Better Healthcare.

Every minute saved in administrative tasks translates to more time devoted to patient care and returns better outcomes. Healthcare providers need streamlined solutions to exchange critical patient information securely and seamlessly. The good news is promising solutions for interoperability exist — for providers in acute and post-acute facilities alike.

With the goal to create smooth transitions across the care continuum, Consensus Unite can be directly integrated to PointClickCare to make your faxing and document management workflows more efficient. This integration allows PointClickCare users to match documents to the associated clinician and port data directly into the correct resident chart. This enhanced functionality removes several steps that are necessary in traditional paper-based and unintegrated fax workflows, allowing teams to be more attentive to their patients.

Integrated with eFax Corporate, a leading HIPAA compliant and HITRUST CSF® certified digital cloud fax technology, Unite automates workflows and allows patient records to be exchanged between post-acute providers and the rest of the care continuum.

Consensus Cloud Solutions’ innovative partnership with PointClickCare promises to transform how healthcare providers leverage critical patient information, making digital faxing faster, more efficient, and more secure than ever before. Together, Consensus and PointClickCare enhance resident data intake workflows and enable information sharing through transitions of care.

Let’s explore how this integration benefits healthcare organizations and how to leverage it effectively.

Streamlined Processes

With the integration of Consensus Unite’s advanced faxing capabilities into the PointClickCare platform, healthcare providers can streamline their administrative processes significantly. Tasks such as sending, receiving, and managing faxes can now be performed seamlessly within the easy-to-use Unite dashboard and integrated into the familiar PointClickCare user interface, Upload inbound electronic faxes and interoperable messages directly into your resident charts, without the need to scan, data enter and complete manual integration.

Enhanced Security

Security is paramount when handling sensitive patient information. The partnership between PointClickCare and Consensus Cloud Solutions ensures electronic faxing remains secure and compliant with industry regulations such as HIPAA. Advanced encryption protocols and authentication mechanisms safeguard patient data throughout the transmission process, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Seamless Integration

Integration is key to maximizing the value of digital solutions in healthcare settings. The seamless integration between PointClickCare and Consensus Unite ensures that users can leverage the full capabilities of both platforms without any disruptions to their existing workflows. This integration enables healthcare organizations to adopt new technologies seamlessly and adapt to evolving communication needs.

Enhanced Collaboration

Effective communication is essential for collaborative care delivery. By enhancing digital faxing capabilities, PointClickCare users can foster better collaboration among care teams, from acute to post-acute to long-term care and others involved in patient care. Real-time communication and document exchange facilitate timely decision-making and improve overall care coordination.

To offer a better fax solution that streamlines organizational workflows, the integration between Consensus Unite and PointClickCare enables streamlined faxing that supports value-based care.

This integration allows users to:

  • Receive all inbound faxes into one consolidated inbox. 
  • Delete, reorder, or parse multiple pages by resident or document for improved filing into residents’ charts in PointClickCare. 
  • Receive cloud faxes or direct messages that help identify any concerning gaps, leading to better health outcomes.

As healthcare continues to embrace digital transformation, solutions like PointClickCare and Consensus Unite play a crucial role in shaping the future of care delivery. By empowering healthcare organizations with innovative communication tools, we can pave the way for a more connected, efficient, and patient-centric healthcare ecosystem.

Fast-track your digital interoperability

Easily connect with millions of providers,
process health messages in direct
messaging and fax, query for patient data
and connect to other exchanges all from a
single portal helping you move toward
value based care.

How it Works

Streamline Workflows for Clinical Faxes

Improve intake of unstructured messages (such as a fax) with advanced quality control tools to quickly and easily delete, reorder, or parse multiple pages by patient or document for improved filing.

How it Works

Get Records Into Your EHR Rapidly

Structured messages such as Direct Messages and C-CDAs flow into your connected EHR quickly and efficiently. Leverage the CDA Explorer for special viewing of clinical data.

How it Works

Can Consensus Unite clean up received faxes?

Yes, Through a thumbnail view, you can see all your faxes in order to complete editing. Consensus Unite can delete unwanted pages, rotate pages, and separate pages by patient and document type.

Do you need an API to do the integration?

Yes, through our API you can seamlessly integrate any document editing you complete in the Unite dashboard directly into your resident’s chart in PointClickCare.

Is there an integration into the patient roster?

Yes, once you have completed the APIs, the patient roster is integrated so you can easily search and find the resident’s demographics.

What are the integration points between Consensus Unite and PointClickCare?

An administrator can configure Consensus Unite to work with PointClickCare to perform patient search queries and download documents directly to a patient’s chart in their EMR.